Basic YouTube Equipment for Beginners to Start a Channel

To thrive on a huge platform like YouTube, you need to do a few things. It is quite easy to gain attention on this all however, you can’t gain anything without effort. The quality of your videos is something that matters a lot. You must put more work into creating visually stunning quality videos. This is mainly because YouTube has some amazing creative minds on it. Many amazing creators work hard to make unique and attractive videos. This has made YouTube a more competitive space as well in terms of content creation. Here are some of the best youtube equipment for beginners.

One of your most important focuses on YouTuber accessories should be to increase your engagement. Engagements on YouTube are in terms of subscribers, likes, comments, and views. Out of these views have the most significance. You can gain views easily just by creating more visually appealing videos. Another factor to consider when you are trying to attract a stable audience on YouTube is to make your videos as engaging and interactive as well as relatable as possible.

However, these factors do not matter as much as the audio and visual quality of your videos. This is mainly because these make your videos look more professional. However, if you are just starting, there are a few simple things that you need to make good-quality videos. Investing in good equipment is the key to fast success and growth on YouTube equipment for beginners.

Best YouTube Equipment for Beginners:


Camera - YouTube equipment for beginners

The camera is the first and most important thing that you need to buy to stay making your videos. This is a key piece of YouTube video equipment that you need if you want high-quality videos. Of course, you can always record on a phone. However, it won’t look as professional as a video shot from an actual camera.

If you are just starting, you can of course go ahead and buy a cheap yet good-quality camera that can give you high-quality video. If you want a good definition, you should consider buying a 1080p camera. The camera you buy also depends highly upon your usage.

If you want to shoot more casual videos then a cheaper camera can be good. However, if you want more aesthetically pleasing, professional, and cinematic videos, then you should buy a camera of a higher quality. The best cameras you can get would be DSLRs.

External microphone

External microphone

Having an external microphone is an integral part of making good-quality videos. The sound of your video highly impacts its overall quality. Most people tend to simply use microphones that are inbuilt into their devices to record audio. However, to the viewers, this can be very uncomfortable and annoying m.

This is because the sound of the videos recorded from an inbuilt device is very crusty and almost inaudible. A reason for this is that these microphones catch all the different sounds in your video besides just your voice or a particular sound that you want to be heard. Hence, it can cause a lot of disturbances and make the video hard to consume for your viewers.

To make it better, you can always get an external microphone. External microphones are great if you want to give high-quality sound to your videos. These will allow you to record only the audio that you want and make your videos a lot more pleasing to watch. Your voice will be clear in the video and will make your overall video look highly professional. 


Softboxes - YouTube equipment for beginners

Lighting in your video is another very important part of your entire video quality. You need to make sure that your video is clear and visible. The lighting makes this possible. If you post videos that are very dark and dull, people will not be able to see them properly. As a result, it may lead to people clicking out from a video or not watching it at all.

This can be a huge barrier to all content consumption. Therefore, if you want your audience to click on your videos and stay with them throughout, you need to make sure the lighting that you use in your video is the best. You can always use natural light. However, there are a few other different ways in which you can incorporate light into videos.

This is great equipment and will make the video quality look amazing. It will also make a video highly attractive and hence, more people will watch it. It also gives you a professional look. Softboxes can be used when you do not have access to the perfect natural light and when filming videos.

This is mainly because softboxes are made to replicate the natural light that you get from your windows. In this way, you can always fake the lighting and your videos and make them look more appealing to the eye. You can simply get a very cheap softbox from any online retail website like Amazon. 



Computers are a very important part of the equipment that you need to start your YouTube channel. A computer is one of the most important things that you need, if not other equipment. This is mainly because all the work that you do relating to your video will be done through the computer.

Whether it is editing your videos, finding promotional strategies, advertising the video, increasing your reach, or any other task, all of these require the computer. You will not be able to effectively carry out these activities. If you do not have the perfect computer to release your videos from.

YouTube videos are of very high high quality and hence, they take up a lot of storage. Hence, you will need a computer that can handle all the storage that your videos will take up. Moreover, you also need a computer that is easy to use and also durable. A good computer will make sure that the videos that you release are of the best quality.

If you buy a computer that isn’t as good, the result that you get will not be as good either. Moreover, when you use a microphone on your computer, it will make sure that the voice and the audio that you have been incorporated into the video properly. You will also be able to examine your videos with the help of a computer rather than any other device.

Tripod or Gimbal Stabiliser

Tripod or Gimbal Stabiliser - YouTube equipment for beginners

If you want your videos to look professional on YouTube, then one of the main things that you need to consider is to have stable video quality. If your videos are not all stable, they may be very difficult to watch. This is because, a lot of the time a camera is constantly moving out the video, and you need to make sure that it is not recorded in a bad manner. For this, you can always buy an actual stabilizer.

This professional youtube equipment for beginners is specially used to ensure the safety of your cameras and also its stability. These tripods can also act as great iPhone vlogging accessories. They are some great vlogging accessories that you can use if you want to simply work from your phone. This is because they are very easy to carry around and are also not very heavy. Tripods can attach to any mobile device and allow you to record your vlogs anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are using a professional camera or simply a phone, you must use a tripod along with it so that you have the perfect video shot and high-quality camera work. Tripod works on almost all devices and is a great way to allow you to shoot your videos at any time anywhere.

This is mainly because you can always set up a tripod at the perfect height and also get great angles for your videos. These are quite affordable, and you can get most Tripods for just $100. The better the quality of the tripod that you buy the better it will work. Hence, depending on the type of videos that you want to record, you can get a tripod that suits your requirements the best.

Video editing software

Video editing software

Video editing software is another purchase that you will have to make. This is very important software that you can easily buy from within your devices and it is not something that you will have to buy separately. Video editing software is highly important when you’re making videos.

This is mainly because most of the quality of your video is improved with the help of editing. If you do not have edited videos, you will have no space for yourself on YouTube. This is mainly because most of the creators on YouTube are highly artistic and good at presentation. The way you edit your videos will make them more attractive and hence, will allow you to get more engagements

Having a well-edited video will make your YouTube channel look more professional. You can also add different sounds, pictures, jumps cuts, montages, effects, and many other things to your videos and make them more entertaining and fun to watch. If you do not edit your videos, they will look very boring and difficult to watch. You can buy video editing software from your computer itself. Hence, this also shows that you need a computer to post YouTube videos.


These were the best YouTube equipment for beginners. Although You may not get all of the above equipment, it is important to get a few of them to have more put-together and professional-looking videos. If you are sure that YouTube is something that you want to do for a long time, investing in these tools is a great option.

This is because, the more you grow your channel, the more the quality of your videos will improve. This will thereby, get you more attraction for your channel and hence get you more success as well. As a result of this, you will get the returns of investing in your equipment once your channel reaches success. We hope that this article could help you find the perfect YouTube equipment for beginners to start your YouTube channel.

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