Stylish Fashion YouTubers

If you’re looking for a YouTube niche to make your name in, don’t discount fashion. 

Fashion is one of the most popular and potentially lucrative content niches on YouTube. YouTubers who produce content about fashion trends, styling tips, shopping hauls, and other apparel-related topics not only have a vast global audience that they can appeal to, but they can also stand to earn a lot of money via brand sponsorships and collaborations. 

A major component of reaching that high-level status at which you can profit from fashion YouTube channels is establishing yourself as a trendsetter, a style icon. 

That’s no easy feat, yet the 16 fashion YouTubers you’re about to meet are now famous names in the industry. Let’s take a look at their content and see what makes them instant follows in the world of fashion! 

16 Best Fashion YouTubers on the Internet

Here are the fashion-forward video content creators that are worthy of adding to your YouTube subscription list.

1. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright has been the biggest name in the YouTube fashion niche since she established her channel way back in 2009. Her subscribers enjoy her clothing hauls, lifestyle and travel vlogs, and expert style tips, as well as her videos showing which high-end beauty products and fashion pieces are worth investing in. 

Speaking of investments, in addition to being knowledgeable in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches, Patricia is also a “finance guru” and coaches women on how to achieve their career goals. With this multi-faceted approach to digital content creation, she’s not just an influencer – she’s a savvy businesswoman!

2.79 Million Subscribers

2. Tess Christine

Tess Christine is an American fashion YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger whose videos grant viewers an intimate look into her life with her husband and toddler. As far as fashion is concerned, you’ll find plenty of that in her content in the form of get-ready-with-me (GRWM) videos, clothing hauls and try-ons, and styling tutorials to fit each season of the year. Tess is also a great source for hairstyle how-tos, beauty routines, and cozy travel and home life vignettes.

2.29 Million Subscribers

3. Kerina Wang

Kerina Wang is a Canadian content creator who keeps up with all the latest trends in women’s clothing. Her YouTube videos cover helpful fashion topics such as styling outfits for specific seasons and occasions, her top clothing picks, her shopping hauls, and her trips to popular clothing stores, like H&M. She also periodically posts life updates in the form of vlogs, in which you can take a peek at her life behind the camera with her kids.

1.43 Million Subscribers

4. Emily Canham

Emily Canham is a fashion YouTuber based in the United Kingdom. She is best known for filming herself trying on new clothes from popular fashion brands, such as Free People, Mango, Sandro, and Zara (to name a few). She also uploads vlogs about her personal life, with titles like, “What I Eat in a Day,” as well as about her travels, beauty treatments, and self-care routines.

1.34 Million Subscribers

5. Tim Dessaint

Tim Dessaint is a fashion YouTube creator from the UK. His target audience is men who want to achieve a minimalist, “quiet luxury” style with clothing and accessories. To that end, he uses YouTube to share his personal style advice, his picks for essential pieces to get through each season, and his thoughts on current and upcoming fashion trends. He also promotes clothing from the Japanese casual wear brand, UNIQLO.

1.32 Million Subscribers

6. Freddy My Love

Freddy is a YouTuber from London, England who creates fashion-centered content. Her style is sweet, feminine, and timeless, and that is the type of clothing that she shows off in her fashion hauls, purchase guides, and adventure vlogs. It’s also the bedrock of her personal clothing label, Flossy by Freddy, which she promotes on her channel.

1.15 Million Subscribers

7. Justine Leconte officiel

French fashion designer and YouTube creator Justine Leconte doesn’t show brand try-ons and shopping trips. But she does educate her audience on how to be ethical and knowledgeable when it comes to finding their personal style and purchasing new clothes. In addition to sharing her style advice, she also breaks down and analyzes well-known fashion brands and shares the truths behind common fashion myths.

1 Million Subscribers

8. Alessya Farrugia

Alessya Farrugia is an 18-year-old YouTuber from Canada. One of the reasons she created her channel was to be a “big sister” figure to young girls and share guidance in the world of fashion, beauty, and self-care. She also shares vlogs about her daily life, her outfits, and her skincare regimens. 

1.09 Million Subscribers

9. Audrey Coyne

Audrey Coyne is an American fashion YouTuber whose aim is to help her viewers dress more chic. “Chic” means “elegantly and stylishly fashionable,” so if that’s how you want to look, Audrey can show you how it’s done. Not only does she publish videos about how to style specific chic apparel (like classic handbags), but she also shares ideas for seasonal outfits and suggestions for upgrading your current closet.

817 K Subscribers

10. Daniel Simmons

Daniel Simmons is a London-based male fashion and lifestyle creator. His channel is home to videos that he calls “Diaries” – semi-weekly vlogs which show his outfit choices, home decor picks, life updates, and visits with his girlfriend. He also runs his own fashion label which specializes in minimalist, long-lasting casualwear for men.

641 K Subscribers

11. Alyssa Beltempo

Alyssa Beltempo is a YouTuber from Canada whose MO is “creativity over consumption,” meaning that she promotes using what you have in your closet already to create amazing outfits rather than buying new clothes all the time. In light of her philosophy, she creates videos to help viewers “shop their closets” before they go shopping at a real store. She also shares style rules and advice, as well as gives glimpses into her life as a digital nomad (i.e., a content creator who travels frequently).

262 K Subscribers

12. Use Less

Signe is a certified style coach and a color consultant who uses her YouTube channel to support her personal styling service, Use Less. The concept of Use Less (the service as well as the channel) is to teach people to reject “fast fashion” and find clothes that will last in terms of both material and style. Her YouTube content furthers this goal through styling, shopping, and closet organization tips.

248 K Subscribers

13. Drew Joiner

Drew Joiner is an American YouTuber who recommends and reviews emerging fashion products and trends. He also shares the best and worst takes on the internet about what’s currently happening in fashion, along with his own opinions about the industry at large. Whether you want to learn about what boots to buy for the winter or dive deep into how war became fashionable, Drew is an excellent creator to follow.

242 K Subscribers

14. Idesign8

Daiquan, AKA idesign8, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. Her channel on YouTube is one of the best places to discover the latest trends for women’s clothing, as well as to view new pieces from popular internet brands like Shein and Zara, and luxury brands like Tom Ford and Jacquemus. Daiquan also uploads GRWM videos, travel vlogs, and shopping hauls. In 2022, she partnered with Amazon The Drop to design a fashion collection. 

201 K Subscribers

15. Monroe Steele

Monroe Steele is a luxury fashion vlogger and travel content creator from Miami, FL. She publishes two new vlogs every week, in which she covers everything from her personal clothing hauls and style guides to fashion events around the world. No matter where she is geographically, though, Monroe’s content is always at the cutting edge of her niche.

119 K Subscribers

16. The Chic Maven

Kristen is the Chic Maven, an American YouTuber and luxury style expert. Her sense of fashion is, as the title of her YouTube channel suggests, elegant and stylish, and her aim is to help her audience achieve the same look that she wears every day. In addition to style guides and outfit ideas, she also posts vlogs about fashion events like NYFW, the latest trends by season, and her clothing purchases.

81.2 K Subscribers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Biggest Fashion YouTuber?

Patricia Bright is the biggest fashion YouTuber with nearly 2.8 million subscribers to her channel. 

How Do I Start a Fashion Channel on YouTube?

To start a fashion YouTube channel, decide what you as a creator can bring to the niche that’s unique compared to other creators out there. Next, choose a fashion subniche that matches your interests, and that internet users have also expressed interest in via search terms on Google or trends on social media. Finally, plan and create content, and then publish new videos on a regular and frequent schedule – at least 1-2 times a week.

Is Fashion a Competitive Niche on YouTube?

Fashion in general is a highly competitive niche on YouTube, simply because there are so many creators trying to do it. If you want to create content about fashion, it’s best to look for a subniche that has a high amount of search traffic, but not much competition (i.e., not many other creators in it).

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