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How it works

UpViews is a preferred destination for a wide range of content creators to buy cheap YouTube likes that are triggered by authentic users. Here's a snapshot of the process:

Choose your ideal package
UpViews offers a wide range of packages to suit diverse needs and budgets. Check out our carousel and choose a buy real YouTube likes package that is relevant to you. It comes with a descriptor and delivery window.

Sign up and join the UpViews community
Now, create your UpViews account and fill out all your basic information.

Fund your wallet and pay for your service
The last step is to add funds to your UpViews wallet using the list of secure payment options. Once a wallet is adequately funded, you can go ahead and make a payment for the package of your choice. With UpViews support, content creators can focus on what they do best, while our team does the rest. Our service starts delivery within 24 hours!

Asked Questions

There are several ways in which you can improve your channel's performance in YouTube search results. The first step is to produce high-quality content that is original and authentic.

The second step is to ensure you leverage the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a universal tool used for optimizing your presence on the platform.

To enhance your channel's SEO, make sure that every video has an eye-catching thumbnail and a powerful title that inspires users to click on the video. Also, include relevant hashtags connecting your video to the themes users are already searching for.

The last step is to invest and buy real YouTube likes from users who are genuinely excited about your content.

It is not illegal to buy YouTube likes. However, buying YouTube likes from low-trust, scammy platforms can have a counterproductive effect on the success of your YouTube channel.

This is because many unscrupulous platforms deliver likes generated by bots and fake accounts.

The are multiple issues with this practice. One, it does not generate authentic engagement, and the impact of such likes is very short-lived because no real subscribers can discover your channel.

Two, if YouTube algorithms uncover such a fraud, they might ban the channel or prevent it from being discovered by more subscribers.

The right approach is to invest in enabling real YouTube users to discover your content. For instance, buy real YouTube likes and trigger engagement by real users.

Yes, it is possible to accumulate large numbers of fake YouTube likes.

Typically, this is done by hiring a platform that specializes in offering such a service. Fake likes are generated by bot-based accounts as well as fake accounts. However, once YouTube algorithms detect fake likes on an account, they may take action against the YouTube channel.

Secondly, it is absolutely no fun creating content when it is not being appreciated by genuine subscribers. The right approach is to create high-quality content and then make the right marketing investments to amplify one channel to authentic users.

When you buy real YouTube likes, this is an investment in exposing your channel to real users.

It is useful to buy YouTube likes if they are delivered by real users with a genuine interest in discovering fresh content. The benefit of this approach is that your channel not only receives real likes but gets noticed by a new audience of users.

The long-term impact of including this pillar in your marketing budget is that you not only receive likes but increase the potential for authentic engagement by this new audience of users.

Today, with so many competitor channels vying for similar audiences, taking such a step gets you the engagement you need while freeing your bandwidth to focus on creating high-quality, original content.

The good news is that platforms such as UpViews enable you to buy YouTube likes for cheap and grow your YouTube business. Plus, our support team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and respond to any troubleshooting needs.

At UpViews, we aim to reduce any friction in payments. Hence, we have introduced a wallet feature that can be funded via multiple secure payment options such as credit cards, UPI, and Paypal.

Use your preferred payment option on your wallet, pick your package of choice, and trigger payment from existing funds in your UpViews wallet.

The funds in your wallet are accessible anytime you need to buy likes for YouTube business needs.

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Henry Allan

“I like using UpViews to buy YouTube likes. It's quick and cheap and I don't have to think too much about the quality since the site seldom does a bad job.“

Freya Cavill

"I was waiting on writing a review because I wanted to use the site for a couple of months myself. But UpViews has been consistently delivering quality likes. So, I guess I will have to give it full marks."

Anya Ndiweni

"UpViews is as good as any SMM site can get. You want to inflate your numbers with quality stats and UpViews does that for you."

Mimi Chalotra

"I believe that this is a niche thing. It will work for specific cases. It worked well for me on some videos where I saw the organic engagement increase as well. So, I would suggest giving it a try."

Eamon Buring

"I use this site when I want to receive more engagement on my videos or want more people to like it. Sometimes it works and it's cheap so I try it once in a while."

Anna Farren

"This is a good gimmick to try out. It can be helpful in some cases. For example, if you are trying to get your videos noticed. Use it in combination with other stats."

Wilson Shaffer

"There isn't a lot to add to what the site already says. It delivers likes on time as promised and it's cheap. If that's what you want then this site is probably a good choice."

Joey Mikkelsen

"I have used UpViews to buy YouTube likes for 3 months now. It still works as good as when I started using it. I love to see such consistency."

Royce Batey

"UpViews is a good site. I have used other SMM sites but this one takes the top spot because I have never had any complaints regarding the quality. I got what was promised and it worked out well."

Mecia Pierreson

"Not the most efficient way to grow on YouTube but it still is something that works."

Tom Simson

"This is the site to use if you want to buy YouTube likes. I use it whenever I publish a video on YouTube. The initial boost often works in my favor. Also, it's cheap so it doesn't hurt to use it regularly."

Lars Canton

"UpViews is the second site I tried out for YouTube. I tried a couple of sites after it. I liked the quality of the stats here more even though the other sites were more expensive."

Adam Atour

"I have bought likes from UpViews multiple times now. The service works the same each time i.e. you get delivered quality likes on time."

Kim Levy

"I was expecting my likes to disappear in a week's time. But nope they are still there. This is one of the only sites I have found that deliver quality stats that don't drop as soon as they are delivered. Seems like that's a lot to ask for these days."

Nathanial Bullion

"You don’t expect these things to work but when they do it’s a pleasant surprise. I have become a regular customer at this point."

Yasen Bodnia

"Been using this site for a month now. Haven't had any issues as of yet. I buy likes and combine them with other services to get a better boost because I know the quality will be the same."

Joseph Adams

"I like UpViews. It’s simple and cheap. I can get likes delivered in a few hours."

Lucas Allen

"There are a lot of sites that sell YouTube services. They are cheap and fast. But guess what, after a few days it will feel as if you never ordered anything. Thankfully while using UpViews there hasn't been any significant drop to get frustrated over."

Logan Bailey

"This is not my first rodeo. I have been using SMM sites for years now. UpViews is a recent addition to my repertoire because of its consistency."

Dylan Ball

"When it comes to buying stats it feels wrong. That's what the norm is. But I have to say that I have seen better growth after using UpViews. My recommendation would be to try it. It doesn't cost much."

Rory Carter

"There are still so many scammers out there stealing people’s money and giving them fake likes. UpViews is the only site I have used that sells real likes."

Frankie Brown

"Easy to use, cheap, quick and good quality. I didn't expect an SMM site to hit all of those criteria. But here we are as UpViews has done it. Quite satisfied with the service."

Riley Dixon

"It is much easier to use UpViews when you know that there's no risk and you will be getting more than your money's worth."

Stanley Elliot

"I wasn’t expecting too much. So, when I saw that I got the likes I bought and they hadn’t dropped for a couple of weeks I was quite surprised. If you are on the fence about using the site I would suggest giving it a try."

Ronnie Evans

"I am quite satisfied with UpViews. It delivered the likes on time and the quality is good."

Ellis Cole

"I like using UpViews. It does what it’s meant to. I needed more likes on my videos and it delivered them perfectly on time."

Jayden Brown

"There are some sites that are cheap but you will start to lose the likes quite quickly after they are delivered. It wasn’t the case with UpViews. Which is why use it so frequently."

Ryan Bell

"UpViews is probably one of the best sites I have used in a while to buy stats. It works quite well."

Lily Clarke

"I like how consistent UpViews has been over the past few months I have been using it. It fits my budget and is a nice little tool to use for a quick boost."

Gavin Collins

"I have already been using UpViews for views and subscribers but recently started using it for likes. It works as well as the other services."

Jeffrey Davies

"This is my go-to site for buying YouTube services. This was the second time I bought likes. Quite satisfied with the delivery and the quality."

Joel Fletcher

"I have used many sites for YouTube likes but this is by far one of the better ones comparing the price and the quality."

Emilia Ford

"UpViews is one of the few sites that deliver on their promises. The site promises quality and delivers it. What more could you ask?"

Marc Gibson

"Not the first site I used to buy likes but definitely the last one I use. Cause I am sticking with it. It works great."

Rose Lawrence

"Most sites will scam you because there is little to no repercussions. That's why when a site like UpViews delivers on its promises it is good to see."

Calvin Lewis

"I am quite happy with how things turned out here. The quality is excellent and when you combine it with cheap rates you get the best deal ever. Quite satisfied with how things turned out."

Hector Martin

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Parker Natt

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"My channel often performs well but sometimes I do need to buy likes and other services. I use UpViews for that because it doesn't hurt my channel and there is very little drop if any. The likes I bought a week ago are still there."

Iris Fox

"One of the few sites I still use. It has been so consistent over the last few months. I have always gotten my likes on time and they stay there longer."

Walter Graham

"I have to give UpViews a 5-star review because for the past month I have always received the likes on time and I have not noticed any drops."

Colt Smith

"I am so relieved that I finally found a site I can stick with. Completely worth the investment."

Spencer Taylor

"I trust UpViews a lot. I have been using the site for over 4 months now. There hasn't been a single instance where I had to be frustrated or annoyed with the service. They deliver what's been promised."

Eden Roberts

"It’s good to see that sites like UpViews are still there that are not here just to make a quick buck by scamming."

Chris Stewart

"Not a lot of sites that can pull off the consistency that UpViews does. Let me rephrase that not a lot of sites will even care about consistency as this site does. You will be scammed point-blank."

Olive Mason

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"Likes have always been one of the ways to pursue people into engaging with your content. It also helps the algorithm. So, I often use UpViews to buy likes and have seen some good results."

Freya Quill

"UpViews is not a miracle tool. It just increases the number of likes on your videos. Having said that it promises quality and delivers on it. So, if you want to boost your numbers use this site."

Kye Ratliff

"Do not use this site if your content is bad. It won’t help. The site only works if you are already making good videos but just need a little boost."

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"This is by far the best site I have used to buy YouTube likes. Given how bad the other sites were I assumed it would be bad as well. But I was pleasantly surprised."

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"This is the site I use to buy likes. I have never been cheated. Always received quality services at affordable rates."

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"I have used UpViews along with a few other tools and it works best in combination with other promotional tools. Of course, that’s only because it keeps delivering quality likes."

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"Finally, I can use a site without having to worry about losing money. I have to commend the team here. Good job!"