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UpViews offers businesses and content creators a platform to buy YouTube views that come from real users with an authentic interest in engaging with high-quality content in their domain of interest. Find a package that suits your budget and gives you more bang for your buck.

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How it works

Review and choose the right package
UpViews has designed multiple packages to suit every budget and the unique needs of businesses. Review our package list and choose the right one to suit your needs.

Sign up and create an account
Now that you've chosen the right package, sign up on the platform and create your account by providing basic details. Rest assured that your details are safe with us and will not be shared with any third party.

Add funds and make the payment
Login to your UpViews account and add funds to your UpViews online wallet using the available payment options. Select your preferred UpViews YouTube views package, and make a payment using the funds in your UpViews wallet.

Now that you've done your bit, the UpViews machinery comes into play. Relevant subscribers from our network will have access to the amazing content on your YouTube channel, and authentic views will be delivered within 24 hours!

Asked Questions

There are several ways to grow views on your YouTube channel.

The first step is to deliver high-quality, original content and grow your authority in the area where you are creating this content. Make sure the aesthetic quality, sound, and storytelling are top-notch.

Two, choose a powerful thumbnail for your videos and a title that grabs the audience's attention. Add captions to your video. Videos with captions in multiple languages perform better.

Three, hashtags are a powerful discovery tool to help audiences find your content. Add relevant hashtags and make sure your videos are SEO-optimized.

Four, post videos at high-traffic times and share your YouTube videos across multiple platforms and messaging apps to expand reach.

Five, buy real Youtube views and amplify your videos to relevant audiences.

Yes, you can buy views on YouTube channels today. This is an investment in growing your channel and reaching the right audiences that are looking for the type of content you're creating.

With so many influencers, brands, creators, and celebrities vying for similar audiences, taking this crucial step is a growing necessity. By making it a part of your marketing budget, you can connect with genuine audiences and grow your engagement.

You can partner with a YouTube management platform like UpViews, and select a package that aligns with your budget and marketing needs.

Yes, it is completely legal to buy views on YouTube channels. However, it's important to invest in a YouTube management platform that delivers views from real subscribers.

The market is flooded with platforms that promise views. However, they deliver views generated by fake subscribers and bot-based accounts. Going with such platforms can result in short-term gains without adding any real subscribers and authentic engagement to your channel. It's recommended that you partner with an experienced, authentic YouTube management platform like UpViews, which comes with a large network of highly-engaged real subscribers hungry to discover quality content.

This approach is sure to enhance your YouTube credibility by eliminating the possibility of being banned or restricted by YouTube algorithms. Since your new views are from real subscribers, there's no scope to be banned.

Today many platforms are engaged in the business of faking YouTube views.

Unsuspecting businesses get lured by the false promises of such platforms and end up with larger numbers of spam, bot-generated, auto-generated, and other kinds of fake views, which do not result in authentic, long-lasting, meaningful engagement.

They are also jeopardizing their YouTube credibility by taking this step.

The best site to buy YouTube views is a platform that offers real subscriber likes. Partner with a platform like UpViews, which delivers real views from authentic subscribers, thus increasing the potential for long-term engagement. This paves the way for the sustainable growth of your YouTube channel.

When you buy views on YouTube, this is an investment with a long-term view to growing your business. It's an essential component of your marketing budget, provided you partner with the right platform and generate real views for your channel. The impact includes amplification of your channel to newer, highly-engaged audiences, increased meaningful engagement, building visibility for your business, and revenue growth for your YouTube business. Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any additional questions.

You can select a package that suits your budget and add funds to your UpViews wallet by choosing from a wide list of payment options. Once your wallet is funded, you can seamlessly make the payment for the package of your choice.

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Anna Foglietta

“Views on YouTube are important. Just the number is enough to get people to click on it. I have experienced it myself. Using UpViews I have bought views for over 6 months and today I have over 10k subs.“

Bette Davis

"It is much easier to get people to watch your videos if you have more views. I used UpViews to buy YouTube views and I couldn't recommend the service enough."

Dying Rabbit

"I bought 10k views for my video. Got them delivered on time. Good job guys!"

Lusia Evans

"I used to average 5k to 6k views on my channel. After using UpViews for 3 months I have started to average over 25k views. That's a W in my book."

Danna Martinez

"Using UpViews is easy and quick. But I only started using it constantly because of the quality. Other sites are highly inconsistent with it."

Louis Jimenez

"This is an easy site to use. I can quickly buy views for my clients and help boost the credibility of their accounts. Not to mention that the services are very affordable given the results."

Mason Foster

"One of the best sites I have used for YouTube. It's quite easy to buy YouTube views. Helped me grow my channel."

Russell Ross

"I didn't know what to expect when I started using it. I was thinking of outlandish results. I didn't get famous overnight but I do get consistent views and impressions."

Eugene Myers

"I was kind of frustrated with other sites since they kept scamming me. UpViews was sort of a last-ditch effort. Well, long story short I am still using the site. It works well with my strategy."

Ralph Sanders

"Didn't have much experience with these services. But I will be using UpViews for YouTube views mainly because I like the quality. There is very little to no drop."

Elijah Castillo

"This is one of the sites that my friend recommended to me. He was already killing it on YouTube. I haven't reached his level solely because I started out this year. But UpViews surely helped me get more views on average."

Wayne Alvarez

"Been using this site on and off for quite some time. It has given me decent results. It has to be quite compatible with your strategy for the best outcome."

Juan Hughes

"I use UpViews to buy YouTube views because I like the quality they offer. Not only that, the packages are affordable. I could easily use this site Multiple times a month when I launch a new video. "

Willie Ruiz

"Not sure why people are so vehemently against buying views. I know my content is good and I use this service just to get a boost. It has been working well for me and I have made hundreds of genuine fans."

Logan Gray

"UpViews is quick. I didn't have to wait long before the views started rolling in. Quite impressed with the service."

Gabriel Bennet

"One of the best sites I have used in a while. Perfect delivery time and good consistency in quality. It has gone straight to my toolbox."

Bryan Wood

"It is not easy to grow online even with good content. UpViews and a couple of other sites I used helped me get noticed in a shorter time. Now, I don't use it as often because I have already reached that stage."

Jesse Chavez

"I would suggest using this site once in a while publishing a video. The extra number of views can be quite helpful in attracting more viewers. It certainly helped me."

Arthur Brooks

"Inflating numbers is often frowned upon but it works for me so I use it. UpViews is not a scam site which is why it is one of the sites I frequently use for YouTube views."

Carl Kim

"Decent quality and very few to no drops. It has worked out for me perfectly."

Harold Ramos

"I used to worry about the quality of the stats I receive. I still do but thankfully with UpViews, I don't have to worry so much. They always deliver decent-quality views to my videos."

Gerald Reed

"It is harder to find a good site that delivers good quality stats. If you want to inflate your numbers you need to use a good site. UpViews has always given me my money's worth."

Roger Morgan

"UpViews is super affordable. When you compare it to the value you can get it provides more bang for your buck. I am quite satisfied with the quality of the services and use them quite often to boost the number of views on my videos."

Ethan Ortiz

"You should be suspicious of sites like these. There are so many scams like these. I have used a fair share of them. That's why I can tell that UpViews are different. It delivers what's being promised on the site. "

Zachary Gutierrez

"If you are looking for a nice site to buy YouTube views your search should be over here. Affordable, fast and high-quality. What else does anyone need?"

Henry Murphy

"It is a good site to use if you know how to capitalize on the boost. There are so many people who get it wrong. Create a strategy and use a good site like UpViews and you will see faster growth."

Dennis Morris

"Bought 5k views and got them in a couple of days. There hasn't been any drop so far."

Patrick Stewart

"What great customer support? I had some questions regarding the views and they answered in a day. I have bought 1k views. Nothing to complain about so far."

Samuel Reyes

"I have used other sites and have found a few good ones. But for YouTube, I mostly use UpViews because they have been consistently delivering quality views to my videos. I am happy with the service."

Benjamin Diaz

"Had 0 subs a few months ago and now I have a couple thousand and I get around 2k to 3k views regularly. All it took was buying views from UpViews at specific intervals."

Brandon Turner

"I already had subs on YouTube but recently I noticed a drop in the number of views. UpViews is one of the tools I used. It helped attract more viewers to my channel."

Eric Gomez

"If you know your content is good and you just need a little boost use UpViews. It is affordable and quick."

Jacob Carter

"I’ve to give UpViews 5 out of 5. I’ve never been disappointed by its services. I recently bought 5k views again and there's nothing to complain about. Quite satisfied with the service."

Timothy Campbell

"Very easy to use the site. I have been using it for a few months now. Have seen good enough results to continue investing in the services."

Andrew Rivera

"You will need good content to grow on YouTube. Buying views will not help if your content is bad. I had to switch up my content a couple of times before starting to see good results."

Doris Hall

"Finding the right site for SMM services is important. Thankfully I only need services for YouTube and Instagram and UpViews helps me with YouTube."

Amber Ngyyen

"I recommend this site to anyone struggling on YouTube. Try it once. It is affordable. Maybe all you need is a little boost. I know I needed one."

Denise Torres

"Do not dismiss the service before using it. I had been putting it off for a long before I finally gave it a try. I am already starting to see the results."

Sophia Wright

"This service is not a miracle. It depends on your promotion strategy. Inflating your numbers will help if your content is good and you have other avenues of promotion."

Judy Clark

"Boosting credibility has helped a lot. Now, I often get a good number of views without needing to buy YouTube views from UpViews."

Alice Perez

"I have been looking for a good site that I can depend on regularly. Well, guess I found one. Haven't been disappointed with the services so far."

Madison Wilson

"Never have been so satisfied with an SMM service provider. I have used it three times and there haven't been any delays or any drops. Good job UpViews!"

Patricia Davis

"It is often hard to find the right site because there are so many bad ones out there. Thankfully I don't have to look for any new sites for YouTube."

Dorothy Miller

"If you need a quick boost and you don't want to spend a lot of money use UpViews. You won't be disappointed."

Deborah Smith

"This site offers the perfect combination of quality and price. I have been using it for a couple of months and I am quite happy with what I have received so far."

Shawn Ernest

"A couple of my acquaintances have already used this site and gotten good results. This was my first time using it. I was expecting a bit much but the site did deliver what was promised. Guess you need to put in some work yourself."

Arnlod Clark

"I’m happy with what I have gotten so far. I bought views. Got them delivered on time. There have been virtually no drops since I bought them."

Cory Rosa

"This is my second time using the site and I have to give the company full marks on quality and affordability. It worked out well for me."

Claude Hall

"If you want to grow on YouTube and need some boost I suggest trying out this site. I have been using it for a month and I already see some results. Yet to see any red flags."

Erik Livingston

"I finally found a decent site that I can rely upon regularly. I haven't had any issues with the views as of yet. Thanks a lot!"

Jamie Trujilo

"It is time to leave a review. I have used this site enough times to know that it does what it says. I have to commend the team on the consistency they provide with each order."

Neil Grant

"Been using UpViews for YouTube views for a while now. Haven't faced any problems. So, I am okay with giving it a 5-star."

Javier Kimmel

"You don't have to pay a lot for a few thousand views. So, it's easy to try it out a couple of times to get the idea. I did it and it worked out for me. Guess I will stick with it."

Lonnie Weasley

"This site has been used by many creators I know. So, when I started on YouTube I started using the site. It has given me some decent results in a few months."

Daryl Phillips

"The site does what it says it would. You can buy YouTube views from the site and get them delivered on time."

Willard Ernest

"I enjoyed using UpViews. It is easy to use and cheap. Fits my budget quite well."

Clifton Reid

"As of now, there's no reason to find any other site for YouTube views. UpViews works quite well and it's cheap to use."

Byron Holmes

"Finally, I have found a site that I can trust. These other scam sites deliver not views which drop in a week. I haven't had that issue here yet."

Wagner Rivera

"I am happy with what I have gotten from UpViews. I have used the site regularly for 2 months now and I have started to notice some difference in the results."

Ted Sanders

"UpViews is the one of the best sites offering YouTube views period. "

Gabe Wilson

"This is the site I am going to keep on using. Superb quality and so affordable!"

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"You don't have to pay a lot for a few thousand views. So, it's easy to try it out a couple of times to get the idea. I did it and it worked out for me. Guess I will stick with it."

Javier Kimmel

"Just got the 1000 views I bought. I am so excited."

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"Buying views from UpViews has been the most satisfactory experience in using social media sites. It's so affordable and the quality is decent."

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"This is one site I discovered recently. It is quite good. Haven't had to face any issues while ordering and the delivery is on time. Quite satisfied with what I have received so far."

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"It is one of the only sites I have used that delivers views that don't drop so quickly."

Philomena King

"Finally, I have found a good site. You guys are awesome! I will buy more views and likes in the future."

Richard Shaw

"I’m satisfied with UpViews. They have always fulfilled their promises. There was one time I had an issue but it was resolved in a day. So, all's good."

Wilson Mbomio

"UpViews knows what clients need. I have been using this site for 2 months and over the period I have bought views for over 7 videos. Those videos are doing quite well on YouTube now."

Pietro Kramer

"I often use UpViews nowadays to help get my videos that initial boost. I have seen some good results recently."

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"UpViews is the best! I have never had such a satisfactory experience with SMM services before."

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"Impressive services all around. I highly recommend it to people who want to buy views or subs. Never had any issues."