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Asked Questions

There are quite a few handy tips you can use to get YouTube views by the hundreds. Some of the most effective ways you can leverage are listed below:

Reply to Every Comment

One of the best ways to get comments is to reply to every comment you get on your video. This achieves several objectives at once:

  • It helps boost viewer engagement
  • It tells your viewers that they are valued
Comment First

Another effective way to gain traction for your video is to comment on it first. This serves as an icebreaker and gets the ball rolling for others to join in the conversation.

Do Q&A for Comments

Another great way to get people to comment is to answer their questions through a Q&A session. It encourages them to share more.

Buy YouTube Comments

One of the best ways to get more comments on YouTube videos is to buy real comments from a reputable agency like UpViews.

Yes, you can buy YouTube custom comments. It is legal to do so, and you can get YouTube comments from reputable agencies like UpViews to ensure they are real and vetted.

It is especially beneficial if the agency you select has a good track record of providing genuine comments by viewers who enjoy watching your videos. Its helps eliminate unnecessary risks from your channel.

Some agencies provide your channel with a certain number of free comments every 24 hours. It is a good way to steadily grow your channel. However, for more boosted growth, you can opt for a variety of packages with UpViews that let you choose the number of comments you would like and the timeframe that would be comfortable for you.

Partnering with a reputable agency to buy real YouTube comments helps you get countless benefits like 24 x 7 customer service and real comments.

YouTube's terms of service do not specifically mention that it is illegal to buy YouTube comments. However, it is to be noted that your channel may face flak if it is discovered the viewers were tricked into watching your video or if you have bought bot comments.

You can eliminate this possibility completely if you partner with the best sites to buy YouTube comments, like UpViews. These companies provide you with genuine human traffic that is interested in the videos you post, and their comments are also real.

As long as the comments are real, posted by humans, and show genuine engagement, your YouTube channel can be safe from blacklists and grow organically.

You can even say that buying custom YouTube comments is a healthy growth strategy for your YouTube channel. This is because millions of videos are posted to YouTube daily, and to get your content noticed and watched, it is necessary to avail of these services.

Your decision to buy YouTube comments comes with five distinct advantages to your channel and growth strategy. They are listed below:

It Helps to Rank Your Videos

If you ever perform a search on YouTube, you will never scroll past the first ten results to watch something you would like. If you buy real YouTube comments, it will help you rank on the search results and also appear in web searches. This is an excellent way to make your fanbase grow.

It Helps You Go Viral Quickly

Uploading your videos to YouTube and waiting for comments can slow your progress down. If you buy YouTube custom comments, it will help make your content viral within a shorter time.

It Helps You Get More Hits

An increasing number of comments on your channel helps you establish the authority of your videos in the sea of millions. This helps make your content a hit sooner.

It Helps You Attract More Viewers

If there is anything important on YouTube, it is attracting more viewers to your channel. As your comments grow, more and more viewers will be tempted to watch what your video is about. This further helps your growth strategy.

It Helps Your Channel Gain Recognition

More comments on your videos ultimately mean that more people will watch your content. In turn, it will help you get more recognition for your channel as well.

There is a simple seven-step process to find your YouTube comments:

  • Open your browser and log in to your YouTube account
  • When your YouTube dashboard appears, click on the hamburger menu icon at the top left
  • The dropdown menu that opens will show an option called “History”. Click on it
  • You will now see another dialog box with 'History Type' listed on it. Under the Manage all History section, you will see a “Comments” option. Click on it
  • Now you will be able to see all the comments that your videos have received displayed to the right. They will be arranged in a chronological order
  • If you want to delete a comment, you can click on the “X” at the top right of each comment
  • Similarly, many more actions, like highlighting a comment, replying to a comment, etc., can be handled easily through this interface.

Yes, you can buy YouTube comments that are customized for your video or channel. By doing this, you would be better placed to advertise your brand for a specific highlight.

For example, if you buy YouTube custom comments to highlight one particular feature of your product, you would be able to capitalize on the product’s unique selling point better.

In fact, in certain situations, it may be a better strategy to buy custom YouTube comments to make a better impact on the audience and to draw their attention to a specific feature or highlight. However, this strategy is best implemented with agencies that have the capability to deliver custom comments for YouTube.

The comments need to be written by humans and posted by genuine users for them to be impactful for your channel and business.

YouTube has specific policies in line with Google that do not tolerate suspicious or shady online behavior on any of its channels.

With that said, you can safely buy YouTube comments without getting yourself blacklisted, suspended, or banned. The only thing is to do everything transparently and organically by not engaging with bots in any way.

Rome wasn’t built in a day; if YouTube catches your channel growing by the thousands overnight, red flags will definitely go up.

To avoid this situation, you can partner with reputable agencies like UpViews to deliver you a steady stream of comments distributed over a period of time so that the growth is genuine and organic. These agencies also ensure that the traffic you receive is also genuine for that further impact and authenticity.

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