Lifestyle Youtubers

Since YouTube is the home for long-form video content on the internet, it has also become a hub for a particular type of video: a lifestyle vlog. As a niche, lifestyle covers a wide range of subtopics – but they all come back to one central theme, which is content that shows how a YouTube creator lives on a daily basis.

That includes videos of what we might deem as “normal” activities, like:

  • Going to work/working from home
  • Traveling
  • Doing chores
  • Shopping/running errands
  • Performing self-care routines
  • Doing hobbies
  • Cooking

… and so much more.

To some people, this type of video may sound boring. If this is you, then you might be surprised to learn that there are YouTubers who became famous – and now earn their living – from lifestyle content!

The secret to their success isn’t just their unique and charismatic personalities. It’s also the fact that they make the simple things in life seem less mundane and more magical.

Curious what “less mundane and more magical” looks like? Let’s meet 40+ lifestyle YouTubers who are entertaining millions of loyal viewers by turning everyday life into an exciting event.

40+ Lifestyle YouTube Channels That Are Must Follows

Below is our definite list of the best lifestyle YouTubers on the internet – “best,” because they’re well-known, and consistently drive high engagement numbers on their videos.

1. CaseyNeistat

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker and perhaps the most popular lifestyle content creator on YouTube. He regularly uploads vlogs about his personal life and family; his experiences living and working in New York City; new technology and filming techniques; and major societal and/or political events, like former United States president Donald J. Trump’s arraignment in NYC in 2023.

12.6 Millon Subscribers

2. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a vlogger, businesswoman, and podcast host, as well as a world-famous YouTube star. She possesses a signature style of filmmaking that has been replicated by many other YouTubers, as well as a charming and relatable camera presence. Her videos document her adventures traveling, cooking, shopping, playing the drums, and – one of her favorite activities – drinking coffee. 

12 Million Subscribers

3. MyLifeAsEva

Eva Gutowski is an actress and the host of a YouTube channel called MyLifeAsEva. Her most recent vlogs give viewers a peek into her life as she moves around the United States for work, showing her cleaning, organizing, and decorating her new homes. She also keeps her fans abreast of important life updates, such as getting diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and living with her boyfriend.

11.2 Million Subscribers

4. Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard is a former Buzzfeed host turned YouTube sensation. Her videos – which she films with the help of her husband, Tyler – explore fascinating (and sometimes bizarre) topics related to a wide variety of lifestyle subniches. For example, one popular type of video that she regularly posts shows her melting together many different candles, lipsticks, or candies to produce a totally new creation.

10 Million Subscribers

5. YBS Youngbloods

YBS Youngbloods is an Australian lifestyle YouTube channel that follows a group of friends as they experience the fun and danger of living by the ocean. Most of their content centers around fun – and likely staged – challenges, like surviving on an island using only one’s bare hands to catch food. It’s all in good fun and highly entertaining to watch.

7.11 Million Subscribers

6. Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is a lifestyle content creator who covers parenting as well as beauty, style, and home life. She has two children with her fiance, Alfie, all of whom make regular appearances in her vlogs. Most of her recent videos detail her preparations for the birth of the new baby, who was born in December 2023. She also films her daily life, which includes redecorating for the seasons, shopping, and baking with her oldest child.

4.95 Million Subscribers

7. Tina Yong

Tina Yong is a lifestyle YouTuber from Australia. Her vlogs follow her as she tries new things in beauty, fashion, and food. For example, in one of her video series, she recreates recipes from viral TikTok videos. Lately, she has been trying out Korean skincare and beauty treatments, such as a hair correction perm and an eyeliner tattoo.

3.72 Million Subscribers

8. Amber Scholl

American YouTuber Amber Scholl loves shopping and fashion – but when she started her lifestyle channel in 2011, she didn’t have money for either one. So, she decided to start sharing her tips for being boujee and “living life like the queen you are” on a low budget. Nowadays, her YouTube earnings fuel her shopping hauls on the internet and in foreign countries.

3.68 Million Subscribers

9. Connor And Liana

Connor and Liana are a young couple from the United Kingdom who have made their relationship as well as their experiences living in a van the center of their YouTube content. Watching their videos, you can see the reality of van life for two adults and their toddler.

3.34 Million Subscribers

10. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a black English YouTuber who uses her platform to advise women on how to achieve their goals in life. In addition to this amazing motivational-style content, Patricia also shares her clothing hauls, personal updates, recipes, travel vlogs, and beauty product recommendations.

2.79 Million Subscribers

11. Sydney Serena

Sydney Serena is an American content creator who makes fresh vlogs about her life as a young woman in New York City. Her audience enjoys watching her go through her daily routines, work on content, shop, cook, and explore the city. She also makes vlogs when she travels to show her adventures in new locations.

2.74 Million Subscribers

12. Tess Christine

Tess Christine is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTuber from the US. She initially joined YouTube to share her love of clothes and makeup. Her current content still incorporates these niches in the form of shopping hauls, Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos, makeup and hair tutorials, and outfit try-ons. But she’s also expanded to showing her travels, recipes, and playtime with her toddler.

2.29 Million Subscribers

13. Lavendaire

Lavendaire is a YouTube channel dedicated to positive personal growth and art-inspired living. It’s hosted by Aileen Xu, an American content creator, who posts videos that are designed to inspire, uplift, and reinvigorate her viewers. In addition to motivational content, Aileen also shares affirmations, tips for improving your lifestyle and wellbeing, and guided meditations.

2.25 Million Subscribers

14. Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann is a YouTuber, influencer, and Sports Illustrated model from the United States. Her lifestyle content consists of vlogs that document her travels, behind the scenes of her modeling gigs, life updates, and fun times with her friends.

2.17 Million Subscribers

15. Michelle Choi

Michelle Choi is a lifestyle content creator living in New York. Her vlog series, the Living Alone Diaries, shows Michelle living, cooking, shopping, and reflecting on the emotional highs and lows of being a modern day, single, 20-something young woman in the big city.

2.15 Million Subscribers

16. Aspyn Ovard 

Aspyn Ovard is an influencer and YouTube vlogger. Her channel, which also features her husband, Parker Ferris, and their two children, is home to raw and honest vlogs about juggling social media, parenthood, relationships, moving, and traveling. As of January 2024, Aspyn is vlogging her third pregnancy.

2.02 Million Subscribers

17. itsJudysLife

itsJudysLife is a YouTube channel run by two vloggers, Judy and Benji, from Seattle, WA. It follows the couple and their five daughters on a near daily basis as they navigate their family activities. The family also occasionally takes trips, some of which are related to Judy’s business, JMK Candles and Loungewear.

1.85 Million Subscribers

18. Brittany Vasseur

Brittany Vasseur is YouTube’s leading expert on the best products, hacks, and routines that will help transform your lifestyle. Whether you need help cleaning, organizing, decorating, working at home, or improving your appearance, Brittany has a video for just about every concern. 

1.55 Million Subscribers

19. Sarahs Day

Sarah Stevenson is the Australian creator behind Sarahs Day, a YouTube channel featuring weekly vlogs about Sarah’s life, her fitness workouts, her favorite recipes, and more. Sarah has a husband and two children, and much of her content focuses on good times with her family.

1.55 Million Subscribers

20. Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart is a YouTuber and blogger from the United Kingdom. Her content focuses primarily on her efforts to improve her physical and mental health through diet and lifestyle changes. She also shares vlogs of her travels to other countries and of her exploring her home city of London.

1.49 Million Subscribers

21. Hailey Sani

Hailey Sani is a young YouTuber and influencer from Los Angeles who moved to New York City to pursue her content creator career. Each week, she releases new vlogs about her life in NYC, along with an occasional video where she dives deep into women-centric issues or “taboo” topics that are relevant to modern adults. She also films unboxings of new products and her trips to other parts of the US, as well as to other countries.

1.32 Million Subscribers

22. Lauren Elizabeth 

Lauren Elizabeth is an American YouTuber, mom, and the owner of a lifestyle brand called the Lauren Elizabeth Empire. A common theme threading her videos is honesty and raw reality, as she gives her viewers – primarily young women – unfiltered guidance on how to navigate health, fashion, beauty, homemaking, and pregnancy. 

1.22 Million Subscribers

23. Shelby Church

Shelby Church is a tech and lifestyle YouTuber based in Los Angeles. In addition to trying out and reviewing consumer electronics, Shelby also creates content about real estate and finance. Her videos provide useful hacks and tips for earning and saving money, as well as how to start renting out vacation houses and Airbnb.

1.8 Million Subscribers

24. Rachel Talbott

Rachel Talbott is a musician, songwriter, session vocalist, and lifestyle YouTube creator from Nashville, TN. She films cozy vlogs about her life at home with her husband Byron and their two sons, Oliver and Isaiah. In her videos, you’ll see her share her self-care and healthy routines; clean and decorate her home; care for her children; tend her garden; and do other laidback activities. 

1.2 Million Subscribers

25. Estée Lalonde

Estee Lalonde is a YouTuber whose content focuses on skincare, wellness, style, and beauty as well as lifestyle. A YouTube veteran, Estee is a pro at creating amazing vlogs of her work, travels, and personal life in Canada. She is also helming a community project which promotes self-reflection through bathing and body care. 

1.07 Million Subscribers

26. its yuan

Yuyan is an aesthetic digital creator, fashion influencer, and YouTuber who lives in New York City. The videos on her channel document her daily life, routines, and outfit picks depending on the season. She also films special events, such as attending a Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert and traveling to Hong Kong.

876 K Subscribers

27. Max Reisinger

Max Reisinger’s YouTube channel chronicles the life of a young man growing up in the United States. Through the medium of episodic vlogs, Max gives a picture of common life experiences for male American youths throughout high school, college, and beyond.

699 K Subscribers

28. Zeliha Akpinar

Zeliha Akpinar is a Turkish YouTuber who is currently studying medicine in the United Kingdom. She uses her platform to show what it’s like living, studying, and working abroad in such an intensive field, while also showing her experiences interacting with cultures other than her own.

661 K Subscribers

29. Danielle Marie Carolan

Danielle Carolan is a lifestyle and fashion content creator in the United States. Her YouTube vlogs cover her life in NYC from week to week; how she cares for herself and maintains her beauty and style; her weekend getaways and trips abroad; life changes; clothing try-ons; shopping hauls; workouts; home organization; and more!

543 K Subscribers

30. The Anna Edit

The Anna Edit is a lifestyle, beauty, and fashion YouTube channel run by Anna Newton from the UK. Anna is a well-known content creator in her niches and has even won awards for her work. In her vlogs, she shares her recommendations for clothes and makeup for women, as well as styling advice, her day-to-day work and self-care routines, and updates on her home renovation.

484 K Subscribers

31. Taylor Bell

Taylor Bell is a lifestyle YouTuber who is originally from Los Angeles but is now located in NYC to create content and work as an associate for a management consulting agency. By watching her vlogs, viewers can get a picture of what it’s like working in the corporate world as a young person, including how much apartments cost and how to balance personal life with your job.

393 K Subscribers

32. A L L I S O N

Allison Bickerstaff is a lifestyle content creator who creates YouTube videos in Florida. Her motto is, “Live a joy-filled life,” and her vlogs follow that theme with lighthearted footage of Allison baking, shopping, thrifting, decorating and tidying up her house, and other wholesome activities. 

386 K Subscribers

33. Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic is a luxury fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTube creator hailing from the United Kingdom. Her vlogs (she typically posts a new one every few days throughout the week) cover her clothing hauls, outfit choices, trips to exotic global locations, and glamorous adventures with her husband, Filippo. 

384 K Subscribers

34. Gretchen Geraghty

Gretchen Geraghty is an American podcast host and YouTube creator in the lifestyle, fashion, fitness, beauty, and travel niches. She publishes multiple vlogs to her channel per week that show her going to the gym, doing pilates workouts, shopping, attending various beauty appointments, and playing with her puppy.

377 K Subscribers

35. Lani Pliopa 

Lani Pliopa is a social media influencer and personality from the United States. Though she is perhaps best known on TikTok for dancing and lip-syncing to popular tunes, she also runs a successful YouTube channel. There, she posts vlogs that are all about her everyday activities and routines, as well as trips and other special events.

375 K Subscribers

36. Sophie Shohet

Sophie Shohet is one of the UK’s best lifestyle YouTubers for covering luxury fashion trends and shopping tips. She also shares her beauty and style advice, takes viewers with her on her shopping trips (some of which are in foreign countries), and reviews new products, like the latest Dyson hairdryer.

368 K Subscribers

37. Brooke Miccio

Brooke Miccio is a lifestyle YouTuber who lives in NYC. She’s also the co-host of a podcast called Gals on the Go alongside fellow content creator, Danielle Carolan. While the podcast focuses on showing the reality of life that social media tries to cover up, Brooke’s YouTube videos follow much the same theme. Her vlogs give a raw glimpse into how she lives, works, and navigates her life as a well-known internet personality.

347 K Subscribers

38. lay luv

Layla Acosta is the host of lay luv, a lifestyle YouTube channel that publishes content for teenage audiences. Layla herself is a freshman in high school, and she posts “day in the life” and GRWM videos about her outfits, skincare, makeup, daily routines, and time she spends hanging out with family and friends. 

311 K Subscribers

39. Emmaxolouise

Emmaxolouise is a YouTube channel/digital diary belonging to Emma, who started creating video content as an “average teenage girl.” Years after posting her first vlog, she is attending Edinburgh University in Scotland and documenting every step of her journey, including her routines, study sessions, shopping trips, and travels around Europe.

288 K Subscribers

40. Hannah Pak

Hannah Pak lives in NYC and is a Senior Manager of Creative Development for Conde Nast, a mass media company that owns famous publications like Vanity Fair. Her work and personal life – as well as the balance between them – are the main topics of her YouTube vlogs, along with her relationship with her husband.

160 K Subscribers

41. Nicole Hong

Nicole Hong is a content creator in Los Angeles who frequently publishes videos about her life as a homebody. Food is a popular topic covered in her vlogs, as she makes most of her own meals at home. She also films her trips to the market, dates, house chores, and fun activities in the city.

150 K Subscribers


Elena C is a University of Bristol student and a lifestyle YouTuber. While classes are in session, she films vlogs about her activities, schoolwork, and accomplishments, as well as her hopes and fears for the future. During her vacation time, she travels to other countries in Europe and Asia to experience new food, culture, and good times.

125 K Subscribers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Popular Lifestyle YouTuber?

Casey Neistat is the most popular lifestyle YouTuber with 12.6 million subscribers.

How Much Money Do Lifestyle YouTubers Make?

On average, lifestyle YouTubers make $3.47 per 1000 views. This amount can vary, though, depending on how popular the YouTuber is and how many ways they’re monetizing their content. 

Is Lifestyle a Competitive Niche on YouTube?

With so many different lifestyle YouTubers out there, this niche can be said to be highly competitive. However, every YouTuber has a different approach to life as well as content creation. This means it’s always possible for new voices to break out and generate high numbers of loyal subscribers, despite the saturation of the niche.

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