DIY and Crafts YouTubers

Did you know that one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the history of the platform produces DIY and crafting content? 

Clearly, viewers can’t get enough of videos that show them how to do everything from building their own furniture to cutting fruit in fun shapes to making their own fashion accessories. And then there are all the crazy projects that may not be practical to make, but the process is certainly fun to watch!

If you love creating things and want to cash in on the public’s interest in this niche, you can learn how to do it by reading about these amazing 20 DIY and crafts YouTube channels. In the process, you’ll pick up some great content ideas and marketing techniques that will help you rise to the top in YouTube rankings.

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20 DIY YouTubers and Craft YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

Ready to be fascinated by some of the top craft YouTubers and DIYers on the internet? Then check out these 20 YouTube channels!

1. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts is a huge internet sensation (and is also the channel we referenced at the beginning of the article). This channel produces an insane number of videos – 1-2 daily – from a seemingly endless pool of craft ideas that includes clothing, jewelry, school supplies, art, food, and much more. Furthermore, their content consistently generates tens of thousands of views. Two of their recent releases – “Amazing Beauty Hacks And Cool Makeup Ideas For Girls” and “Emergency Parenting Hacks And Cool DIY Ideas For Smart Parents” – broke 100K and 200K views, respectively. 

80.4 Million Subscribers

2. Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda shares DIY tutorials with a humorous spin. Not only do their viewers learn how to make fun crafts that will entertain them as they go about their everyday lives, but they also learn about creative pranks that they can play. The channel also teaches DIY hacks for unlikely situations, like “How to Sneak Food into Jail.” Some of their content is useful and some of it is silly, but that combination is a big hit with audiences!

19.6 Million Subscribers

3. Tonni Art and Craft

The Tonni art and craft channel teaches viewers how to make cute crafts for work, school, and home, primarily using paper and other common household items. The art style used in these projects is called kawaii, which is a culture of cuteness originating in Japan. In one video that went viral with 1 million views in 2023, Tonni showed her audience the process for creating a smiling paint palette and a bouncy paper ice cube desk decoration.

11.5 Million Subscribers

4. Moriah Elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth is a mom and a craft YouTuber. Much of her content shows her decorating her collection of Squishies, which are kawaii-style toys that squish like stress balls. But she also paints, bakes, and gives old thrift store purchases new life with her crafting skills. Her videos often generate over 1 million views. Two recent examples of those viral videos are “Squishy Makeovers: Squishies I’ve Been Avoiding(3.3 million views) and “Testing 3 Sensory Kits(2.5 million views).

9.50 Million Subscribers

5. LaurDIY

LaurDIY is a DIY YouTuber who posts content about how to make or revamp your own clothing, shoes, accessories, and home decor. She also posts vlogs and Q&As about her daily life, thus giving her audiences a variety of videos to grab their interest. She also films herself experiencing new and specialized DIY activities that make for easy viral videos, such as giving her boyfriend a tattoo with no experience and glassblowing for the first time.

8.34 Million Subscribers

6. Fruit Decoration

Fruit Decoration proves that no matter what kind of DIY you’re good at, you can turn it into a winning YouTube channel. There are over 7000 videos on this channel showing viewers how to cut fruits and vegetables into surprising and wonderful shapes. For example, their most popular video (uploaded 11 months ago) demonstrates how to carve watermelon roses and orange slice flowers. The resulting edible decorations can be added to other dishes or served by themselves.

5.71 Million Subscribers 

7. 123 GO! GOLD

123 GO! GOLD is best known for producing “crazy” DIY crafts and pairing them with funny skits. Each video depicts a man or a woman in a humorous (and often unlikely) situation and finding themselves in need of a particular object, which they then proceed to make themselves. Content from this channel, such as “Genius Trick For Students || Back to School Hacks! and “Beauty Hacks To Make You a Star,” have racked up hundreds of thousands of views in 2023.

4.04 Million Subscribers 

8. MyFroggyStuff

The host of MyFroggyStuff is a doll collector and hobbyist. Their videos are all about shopping for doll items (especially Barbie toys), as well as using crafting skills and household goods to make doll-size accessories, furniture, clothes, and scenes for playing or displaying. One of their most popular releases of 2023 (and one that garnered over a million views) was a video titled, “Unboxing Toy Mini Brands Series 3: Completing My Collection.”

2.93 Million Subscribers

9. TheSorryGirls

TheSorryGirls are a group of four friends who vlog their thrifting and home decorating endeavors. Whether it’s a bathroom or a fireplace or old furniture that no one wants, Kelsey, Becky, Rachael, and Rochelle will use their design skills and can-do attitudes to transform it into something beautiful. Their viewers particularly love their room makeovers; one video called, “Spending Nothing on our secret bathroom makeover (literally $0)” generated more than 350K views.

2.19 Million Subscribers

10. DIY Crafts TV

DIY Crafts TV is one of the top YouTube channels for learning how to craft bags, purses, phone cases, organizers, and nail art at home. Many of the projects, such as the viral “Sewing Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Sew the Bag Bottom in One Stich Only, require some sewing, but that’s no problem because the videos always guide viewers step by step through the crafting process.

1.96 Million Subscribers

11. Innova Crafts

Innova Crafts is a paper craft YouTube channel hosted by a woman named Esther. Her projects for DIY home and office decor, school supplies, and more are easy to make and absolutely adorable. Just like on Tonni art and craft, most of Esther’s designs are made with paper and feature kawaii animals. Her most popular video from 2023 shows how to make a cat-themed whiteboard, a small sketchbook, and more.

1.99 Million Subscribers

12. Lone Fox

Drew is the Lone Fox, a DIYer and home designer whose YouTube channel documents his journey renovating and redecorating his 1929 Spanish-style home. He’s known for his vintage-inspired, renter-friendly style, which he puts to use making over rooms in other people’s homes. His most-watched video in 2023 so far in 2023 is called, “23 DIY Home Decor Ideas For 2023.”

1.69 Million Subscribers

13. Hello Origami

Hello Origami is a YouTube channel that provides instructions on how to make cute origami projects yourself. You might be surprised by the number of pretty and useful items that the owner of this channel creates by cleverly folding bits of paper. Some of them include bookmarks, paper stands, toys, boxes, and mini notebooks – and that’s just the beginning! One video which went viral this year was an origami paper book box

1.63 Million Subscribers

14. Withwendy

WithWendy is a Canadian YouTuber whose channel chronicles her “lifelong sewing adventure.” Every one of her videos has something to do with sewing, fabrics, or fashion, whether it involves making new clothes, thrifting old ones, or ranking MET Gala 2023 looks based on sewing effort (the latter video also happens to be her most viral release of 2023 so far).

1.42 Million Subscribers

15. Kasey Golden

Kasey Golden is an illustrator and YouTuber. Most of her videos show her creating new and imaginative watercolor paintings based on a wide variety of unique themes and prompts. Her most viral 2023 video was titled, “10 Ways To Fill A WEIRD Sketchbook,” and it showed her audience ideas for how to fill the pages of an oddly-shaped sketchbook that she purchased.

1.17 Million Subscribers

16. Sea Lemon

Sea Lemon is a crafter, artist, and YouTube content creator. She has posted videos about her adventures creating many different types of projects, but most of them involve either painting, crocheting, or bookbinding. The video that has gotten her the most views in 2023, by far, shows her trying the Woobles Beginner Crochet Kit

1.12 Million Subscribers

17. TheCraftyGemini

When you start a DIY YouTube channel, you’re not limited to posting content in one niche like sewing or arts and crafts. You can do it all, like TheCraftyGemini! This channel offers video tutorials for many types of projects, including the ones we just mentioned as well as cooking, baking, and gardening. This year, though, the host has been putting special emphasis on quilting and sewing projects, as she did in the viral video, “How To Sew a Scrappy Zipper Pouch Tutorial.” 

664 K Subscribers

18. Stephanie Toms

Stephanie Toms is a YouTuber who tries viral makeup hacks and tests new beauty products. Along the way, she teaches her viewers her tips and tricks for applying makeup, so that they, too, can achieve a beautiful and polished look. Her subscribers especially love to learn about her advice, and they gave her video, “35 Game Changing Makeup Tips that will Change Your Life/Facethe highest number of views of all her 2023 content.

506 K Subscribers

19. Cheyenne Barton

Cheyenne Barton is a YouTuber and artist who posts cozy vlogs about her life, career, and art projects. She is multi-talented, being proficient at drawing, painting, pottery, and crochet. Her viewers may watch her videos to learn how to do these types of projects themselves, but they may also enjoy the cinematography and aesthetic. She frequently receives upwards of 30K views, but her “how much can I crochet in a week?” vlog from April 2023 went viral with 103K views.

268 K Subscribers

20. Mark Montano

Mark Montano is known for his DIY tutorials for homemade cards, boxes, wall art, jewelry, and other pretty and useful items. His projects are unique and make great gifts for yourself or someone else. In May 2023, he went viral with his “Summer Seating Makeover with Cricut” video, in which he demonstrated how to make fun, summer-themed prints for stool seats.

213 K Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Start a DIY or Crafting YouTube Channel?

To start your DIY or crafting YouTube channel, figure out what type of craft or DIY project you want to make, and then brainstorm video ideas. Then, film and edit your videos before publishing them to your channel. Remember to optimize your metadata for SEO to help your content reach your target audience!

What Types of Content Can a Crafting YouTuber Create?

The sky’s the limit! Crafting YouTubers can make anything and everything, including clothes, bags, boxes, cushions, jewelry, paintings, pottery, crochet blankets, origami, home or office decor, and quilts. 

What Supplies Do I Need to Start a Crafting YouTube Channel?

Once you know what type(s) of project you want to craft for your YouTube channel, research what tools and materials you need for it. Then, gather up as many supplies as you can and store them, so that you’ll always have plenty for your videos. Check out thrift stores and the clearance section at craft stores if you’re on a tight budget.


The above 20 DIY and crafts YouTube channels produce some of the most creative and entertaining videos you’ll find on the internet. As such, we hope you’ll refer to them for inspiration when you’re building your own plan for going viral in the DIY and crafting niche!

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