Lesbian YouTubers

One of the best things about the internet and social media platforms like YouTube is that everyone is welcome to express themselves and be creative – regardless of color, creed, or sexual orientation. 

We’re happy to note that in 2024, there are a lot of incredible lesbian YouTubers out there – so many, in fact, that they’re no longer hard to find. These woman/woman couples are not only providing much-needed representation for a minority group, but they’re also crafting high-quality content that all humans can enjoy.

Come along with us as we meet 25+ famous lesbian YouTubers and explore what type of content they create. Plus, we’ll see how they’re incorporating their identities into their online presence.

25+ Lesbian YouTube Channels To Check Out

Whether you’re a lesbian, an ally, or another type of member of the LGBTQA+ community, you’re sure to stan these YouTube creators as much as we do!

1. Caitlin and Leah

Caitlyn and Leah are a lesbian couple who hail from the United Kingdom. They started dating in 2015 and began their YouTube channel the following year. There, they share vlogs about their lives together and document big accomplishments like buying their dream house, and big challenges like becoming pregnant via IVF. They also film relationship advice, pranks, and social media challenges. Altogether, they paint a picture of blissful life as a loving wedded pair.

1.89 Million Subscribers

2. Julie and Camilla

Julie and Camilla are a Norwegian lesbian couple who are best known for their YouTube Shorts and TikToks. Through the medium of videos that are typically less than a minute long, they show what their life is like in Norway as wives who are also caring for their newborn baby. They’re also currently in the middle of renovating their house, so they occasionally post DIY home content, as well.

1.68 Million Subscribers

3. Jessiepaege

Jessie Paege started her YouTube channel while she was in high school as an outlet to express herself and talk past her selective mutism. Today, she posts content about her experiences being a bisexual woman, as well as shares candid conversations on mental health issues. She also reacts to “gay girl” content on TikTok, sharing her thoughts and opinions about what other social media personalities, both in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, have to say about current issues.

1.64 Million Subscribers

4. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard  

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a lesbian from the UK and a full-time YouTuber. With her wife, Claudia, and a 1940s-esque vintage style, Jessica answers common questions that people ask about lesbians, as well as issues that are impacting the LGBTQ+ movement. She also shares parenting advice and openly talks about her life as a disabled queer person. Regardless of the topic, Jessica always tries to be positive and welcoming to her audience.

1.07 Million Subscribers

5. Ezee x Natalie

Ezee and Natalie are “best friends turned lovers” who live and work in the United States. Their YouTube content consists mainly of relationship videos where they play pranks on one another, go on trips, and enjoy special moments. They also co-host a podcast called Just Between Us where they discuss their feelings for one another and talk through good and bad times in their relationship.

1.04 Million Subscribers

6. Rose and Rosie

Rose and Rosie are a British wife and wife who have been creating YouTube content ever since the start of their relationship around 2010. The pair use their platform on YouTube to discuss issues large and small, funny and serious, and almost always surrounding their lifestyle. They also host a YouTube members-only podcast called Rose and Rosie Undressed, and they have a son named Ziggy.

988 K Subscribers

7. Arielle Scarcella

Arielle Scarcella is an American YouTuber and a self-proclaimed lesbian. She creates content on YouTube to speak out and share her unfiltered opinions about controversial topics within politics, the LGBTQ+ movement, and women’s issues. Her determination to speak her mind and be a voice within the lesbian community is an inspiration to her subscribers.   

761 K Subscribers

8. Stevie Boebi

Stevie Boebi is a lesbian content creator, YouTuber, and the founder of her own production company, Boebi Productions. YouTube is her safe space to share sex education advice (mainly for other lesbians), as well as to discuss lesbian culture, the queer dating scene, her relationship with her wife, and what it’s like being an American living in England. She is also known to collaborate with other YouTubers, particularly Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.           

741 K Subscribers

9. Abbie & Julia

Abbie and Julia are lesbian lifestyle YouTubers from the US. Every few weeks, they release a new vlog in which they share their life updates, daily routines, and thoughts on topics like pregnancy and fertility. The two have a son together named Harbor, and they’ve also been attempting to prepare for and conceive a second child.           

723 K Subscribers

10. Lauryn & Steph

Lauryn and Steph live in the United States and create content dramatizing the ups and downs of their relationship. They have a baby girl named Journey, who also appears in her parents’ vlogs from time to time. Her mother’s relationship appears tumultuous based on capitalized video titles like, “LAURYN YOU’RE A NARCISSIST,” but this is most likely to help them craft a reality show-like form of entertainment for their subscribers.

603 K Subscribers

11. Maynards TV

Tati and Prince, an American lesbian couple, are the hosts of Maynards TV, an entertainment YouTube channel. In their videos, Tati and Prince play humorous pranks on one another and participate in social media challenges. The pranks that they film are exaggerated and most likely staged, but it’s still entertaining for fans of lesbian relationship content. 

476 K Subscribers        

12. P&J TV

P&J TV is the name of a YouTube channel run by lesbian couple, Precious and Jay. The focus of their content is on their relationship, the pranks they play to keep each other on their toes, and their daily and nightly routines. Their videos often have sensational titles meant to titillate and shock their audience. It’s a commonly used and engaging tactic that generates them a lot of views.

401 K Subscribers

13. Cammie Scott

Cammie Scott is an American lifestyle YouTuber who makes content about self-care, beauty, style, political issues, daily life, and her relationship with her now-wife, Taryn. She also vlogged her wedding in 2023, as well as the lead-up to it and all the beautiful and challenging moments therein.

363 K Subscribers

14. Alexa and Maria

Alexa and Maria are a lesbian couple from England who share their life with the world through YouTube content. Common types of videos you’ll see on their channel include pranks, challenges, routines, travel vlogs, and raw conversations about their relationship. They also occasionally try new and fun activities, like eating a new snack or seeing what it would be like to be pregnant for 24 hours.

347 K Subscribers

15. Paige and Holly

Paige and Holly are Canadian YouTubers who are also married. They create content to share advice, tips, and honest confessions about being in a relationship (lesbian or otherwise). They can often be seen taking on couples or lesbian challenges from the internet and reacting to internet drama in the LGBTQ+ community. In 2023, they vlogged their wedding.

302 K Subscribers

16. Julia Zelg

Julia Zelg is a singer-songwriter and a LGBTQ+ YouTube creator. She is currently in an open marriage with an older lesbian and refers to them as an “age gap lesbian couple.” Her content consists of music videos featuring her original music, daily life vlogs, and open and honest conversations about being a lesbian, her relationship, and the LGBTQ+ community.

302 K Subscribers

17. Kristen McKenzie

Kristen McKenzie is a YouTube content creator alongside her girlfriend, Steph Leclair. The two lesbians reside in Canada and became YouTubers after winning season 4 of The Amazing Race, a reality series in which teams race each other around the world. Nowadays, they do a lot of traveling and cozy vlogs – most of which they post around the Christmas season.

227 K Subscribers

18. Eliante and Kayla

Eliante and Kayla are an American lesbian couple who film YouTube vlogs about their daily life and relationship. Like many other YouTubers in this niche, they play pranks, games, and challenges that are trending on social media. They also post vlogs in which they take their audience along to “spend the day” with them and do special fun activities.

226 K Subscribers

19. Kally x Oli

Kally and Oli are an interracial lesbian couple from Poland and Taiwan, respectively. Their unique YouTube channel is home to blogs that show how they mix their cultures with food, travel, language, and cultural exposure. They periodically move back and forth between their native countries, as well as make trips to other parts of the world, such as Paris, France.

191 K Subscribers

20. Little a & Fish Cake

Little A & Fish Cake is a YouTube channel belonging to a Chinese lesbian couple. Their vlog-style videos are very intimate, and the pair spend a lot of time together going out, eating, traveling, experiencing daily life, and being affectionate. The overall vibe of their channel is sweet love and unity.

147 K Subscribers

21. Alexis and Lilian

Alexis and Lilian are a lesbian couple from Canada. They create YouTube content about their travels throughout the USA and Europe, as well as share advice on dating and existing as a queer person in modern times. They also discuss hot-button LGBTQ+ issues, answer tough questions related to queerness, and are ultimately a great resource for anyone who is looking for more information on these topics. 

134 K Subscribers

22. Fool4you4

Fool4you4 is a YouTube channel belonging to two lesbians from South Korea. The two women publish vlogs about their dates, living, together, and being YouTube creators. They also occasionally upload Q&A videos, plus they often get candid on what it’s like being a same-sex female couple in Korea. They offer a different perspective from the majority of the YouTubers on this list, who comes from Western cultures.

104 K Subscribers

23. EUN and CHO Eunchobi

Eun and Cho are a South Korean lesbian couple whose videos highlight what everyday life looks like for them, given their sexuality and lifestyle. They frequently vlog about the fun activities they like to do as a couple (such as watching television), events they attend, their experiences coming out to one another’s parents, pranks, challenges, mukbangs, and more.

114 K Subscribers

24. Victoria & Lindsay

Every Tuesday, lesbian YouTubers Victoria and Lindsay release new vlogs to document their life as a loving couple. Their videos follow their daily routines, chores, events, pranks, challenges, intimate conversations, and travels – all with a great sense of humor and joy. Their channel shines a bright spotlight on what a healthy relationship looks like.

52.2 K Subscribers

25. Ponya Vlog

Ponya Vlog is a Japanese YouTube channel about lesbians Haru and Rina. In addition to videos about their real life together in Okayama in Japan, this couple also posts roleplay videos featuring lesbians in different fictional scenarios. They also share footage where they are intimate with one another in hotels, even going so far as to recommend which hotels they prefer to stay in to be together. This channel is definitely for adults only!

64.5 K Subscribers

26. YuYu Love Vlog

The YouTube channel called YuYu Love Vlog shares the love story of two lesbians, one from South Korea and the other from China. In their vlogs, they take each other out on dates, learn one another’s personal history, express their feelings, and enjoy one another’s company. This is another excellent source of lesbian content that centers Asian perspectives rather than the typical Western European or American slant on queer relationships.

31.6 K Subscribers

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Who is the Most Famous Lesbian YouTuber Couple?

Caitlyn and Leah are the most famous lesbian YouTuber couple with 1.88 million subscribers.

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