Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft – an online game in which players can build whatever they can imagine using the resources around them – is literally one of the most popular video games of all time. 

We’re not kidding! In fact, it’s the second most played PC game based on the number of monthly active users (MAUs) (behind Counter-Strike 2 and Go). 

The data doesn’t lie! And neither does the existence of countless YouTube channels that churn out Minecraft livestreams, tutorials, and other entertaining content related to the sandbox-style game. Some of them, like MrBeast, you may know better as entertainers and internet celebrities. Others, like Dream, built their fame on playing Minecraft.

Whether you’re a Minecraft fan who’s looking for new gaming techniques to try, or you’re planning to launch a YouTube channel focused on the game, get ready to meet 30+ Minecraft YouTubers who will show you how it’s done.

30+ Popular Minecraft YouTubers Who Are Experts at the Game

Here are 30+ of the best Minecraft YouTubers who, being experts at the game, will blow your mind with their skills and showmanship!

1. MrBeast Gaming

MrBeast Gaming is the official gaming channel of MrBeast, who is arguably the most famous YouTuber in the world. While he doesn’t play just Minecraft, he does play it often. He keeps his fans on the edge of their seats by taking on extreme in-game challenges, such as a 100 YouTuber battle royale or “The World’s Largest Experiment.”

40.1 Million Subscribers

2. Dream

Dream, AKA Clay, is an anonymous Minecraft gaming YouTuber. He is best known for his Minecraft Manhunt video series, in which he attempts to speedrun the game without dying. He also posts survivalist gameplay and was the co-founder of Dream SMP, a survival multiplayer Minecraft server. His content has won him two Streamy Awards for Gaming.

31.8 Million Subscribers

3. DanTDM

Dan Middleton, AKA DanTDM, is an English gamer and YouTuber. He is famous for his Let’s Play videos, in which he plays a video game and makes commentary along the way. He’s covered dozens of video games in the past, but his Minecraft adventures are by far the most popular among his audience of children and teens.

28.4 Million Subscribers

4. SSundee

Ian Stapleton is the host of SSundee, a YouTube channel focused on playing video games. Ian’s style is loud, boisterous, and funny – all qualities that appeal to a lot of gameplay viewers. Minecraft is one of the top games that he is known to play for laughs, along with Roblox, Fortnite, and Among Us.

22.9 Million Subscribers

5. ElTrollino

Javier López Hervás is ElTrollino, a Spanish gaming YouTuber who uploads funny videos of himself playing Minecraft, Roblox, and other games. Most of his content shows him taking on extreme Minecraft challenges with his friends, all of whom are part of a gamer group called Compas. He is known for getting angry quickly whenever one of the members of his friend groups makes a mistake, and his fans find his reactions humorous to watch. 

20.8 Million Subscribers

6. Robin Hood Gamer

Robin Hood Gamer is a young Brazilian YouTuber who produces playthrough content for Minecraft and Roblox. Many of his videos also feature two of his friends, who are known online as Beto and HeyDavi. Together, they embark on challenges, adventures, and battles throughout the Minecraft and Roblox universes.

20.3 Million Subscribers

7. AuthenticGames

AuthenticGames is a gaming YouTube channel hosted by Marco Tulio. This creator has dedicated his channel to his “little brothers” and “little sisters” (AKA his subscribers). His aim is to produce content about video games that is appropriate for children to watch. As such, his playthroughs and how-to videos about Minecraft (as well as other popular games) are lighthearted, family-friendly entertainment.

20.1 Million Subscribers

8. Aphmau

Jess, better known by her online alias, Aphmau, is a female Minecraft-focused YouTuber. Her content features footage of all the missions, adventures, and shenanigans that she gets up to in the game. Through her gameplay, she shows all the fun and imaginative ways that players can entertain themselves, be it having a mermaid family or playing as a protective ninja.

18.7 Million Subscribers

9. Technoblade

Technoblade is Alex, a Minecraft YouTuber who is best known as a player on the formerly active Minecraft server, Dream SMP. While he is no longer a prolific content creator, his Let’s Play videos are still popular and fun to watch. In them, he often completes a goal or a challenge, such as the time he attempted to win MrBeast’s $10,000 refrigerator or became the mayor of Skyblock.

16.6 Million Subscribers

10. EdisonPts

Eduard Perets, AKA EdisonPts on YouTube, is a famous Ukrainian Minecraft player, as well as a boyfriend and father. Most of his content is funny and shows him playing pranks on other players and performing crazy activities in-game. He is also known for playing Among Us Minecraft, which is a version of Minecraft modified to look like the popular mobile survivalist game.

15.4 Million Subscribers

11. Compote

Roman’s Russian YouTube channel, Compote, is updated daily with new Minecraft content. Their videos show them exploring the game and “accidentally” stumbling onto new places and items. They also seek out answers to strange in-game mysteries, like, “WHY IS THE VILLAGE MAYOR HIDING FROM EVERYONE IN MINECRAFT” and “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DOGS IN MINECRAFT IN OUR VILLAGE.”

14.7 Million Subscribers

12. TommyInnit

Thomas Simons is TommyInnit, a YouTuber and gamer based in the United Kingdom. He produces hilarious Let’s Play videos of Minecraft, often getting his friends and even his mom involved in the fun. Some of his antics include going onto kids-only servers, trying out mods, and playing pranks on or trolling other players.

14.6 Million Subscribers

13. EugenBro

EugenBro is a Russian Minecraft YouTuber who posts survival and construction-themed Let’s Play content. His videos often involve extreme scenarios, like a moon falling to the Earth or protecting a house against a giant ball made out of dynamite. He also plays mods and trolls his friends.

11.5 Million Subscribers

14. JP Plays

JP is a Brazilian YouTuber and gamer. Though he is perhaps best known for playing Minecraft, he also posts Let’s Plays of LEGO, Roblox, and other, more obscure PC and mobile games like City Smash, Cut the Rope, and Happy Glass. While in Minecraft, he plays survival challenges, builds his family home, and interacts with other YouTubers. 

11.1 Million Subscribers

15. Trolero

Trolero and his friend, Hardy, are Minecraft and Roblox players who post the fun times they have together in the games on Trolero’s YouTube channel. Their videos show players how they complete wild challenges, such as playing infinite parkour, and make fun modifications, like changing their outfit colors. 

9.49 Million Subscribers

16. Mumbo Jumbo 

Mumbo Jumbo is a UK YouTuber who creates content about the technical aspects of Minecraft. By watching his videos, fans of the game can absorb new ideas for crafts as well as helpful building techniques. Plus, they can watch analyses of the latest Minecraft updates, see Mumbo Jumbo explore new parts of the map, and learn about the useful features of common items.

9.25 Million Subscribers

17. Grian

Grian is a Minecraft YouTuber from the UK who specializes in building houses in-game, AKA hermitcraft. His channel is one of the top resources for players who want to learn how to build or improve their own Minecraft houses or bases in creative ways. He also occasionally plays other games, like Roblox.

8.33 Million Subscribers

18. EYstreem

EYstreem is an Australian digital content creator and Minecraft gamer on YouTube. His channel is home to content like building tutorials; scaring or fooling his friends with outrageous pranks; testing different theories, myths, and hacks; solving mysteries in-game; and much more.

7.92 Million Subscribers

19. MagmaMusen

MagmaMusen is a Minecraft YouTuber from Denmark. He focuses on producing videos that teach his viewers how to complete certain tasks and crafts, as well as advise them on things they shouldn’t do, hacks they should try, and more. If you want to learn how to do something in Minecraft, whether it’s building an axolotl house or making a working coffee shop, this is the best channel to find a tutorial!

4.98 Million Subscribers

20. Fundy

Fundy is a Minecraft player and YouTube content creator from the Netherlands. In his videos, he is constantly adding mods to the game to up the ante and make his gameplay more entertaining for his viewers. He also interacts with other YouTubers. For example, he once got “trapped” in a room with MrBeast. Another time, he went on a date with Dream.

4.43 Million Subscribers

21. WadZee

WadZee is a YouTuber from Australia who focuses solely on publishing footage from his Minecraft gameplay. Most of his videos have a specific theme, such as playing the game without leaving a certain area or completing hardcore challenges like becoming invincible. His content shows the limitless ways that you can play Minecraft.

4.8 Million Subscribers

22. SmallishBeans

Joel Batty is SmallishBeans, a Minecraft gamer and YouTuber who hails from England. He is best known for his series of videos, which range from completing hardcore Minecraft challenges to building new bases to playing on different survival multiplayer servers, often with other YouTubers. Among the YouTubers he’s played with is Grian, who ranks 17 on this list.

3.65 Million Subscribers

23. EthosLab

EthosLab is a Canadian YouTube channel that specializes in Minecraft Let’s Play-style content. His videos commonly cover his gameplay on the Hermitcraft server and his participation in the Life Series, which is a multiplayer survival series starring other famous Minecraft YouTubers. He also explores the game on his own and shows the new things he discovers or builds along the way.

2.47 Million Subscribers

24. Keralis

Keralis is a Swedish gamer YouTuber. In addition to playing Minecraft, he also takes on simulation games like Cities Skylines. For his Minecraft content, he frequently plays Create, which is a mod version of the game that focuses on building, decorations, and automations. He also frequently joins the Hermitcraft server.

2.37 Million Subscribers

25. Ibxtoycat

Ibxtoycat is a YouTube channel dedicated to analyzing Minecraft news, updates, versions, and DLCs. It’s also a great resource for tips, world exploration, and discovering new features you may not have known about previously. The channel’s host is named Alex in real life and hails from the United Kingdom.

1.87 Million Subscribers

26. Wattles

Wattles is an American YouTube channel that is described as a “one stop shop for everything Minecraft.” And indeed, Minecraft fans will find everything they could wish to help them improve their gameplay, from crafting and gameplay guides to analyses of the features and updates that are coming to future versions of the game.

1.69 Million Subscribers

27. Docm77

Stefan Moessner, AKA docm77, is a popular German gaming YouTuber and a Minecraft player. He can most often be seen building and going on adventures on Hermitcraft, which he has done for seasons 3-9 of that server. In the past, he also frequently appeared on an SMP called MindCrack. 

1.03 Million Subscribers

28. Duckio

Duckio is a Minecraft player and online content creator from the Netherlands. In his videos, he uses his mining and building skills to complete challenges with high numbers of blocks, such as the time he broke 8,192,365 blocks in survival Minecraft or when he walked for 100,000 blocks in a straight line to see what would happen.

826 K Subscribers

29. PearlescentMoon

PearlescentMoon is a YouTuber from Australia whose passion lies in the art of building things in Minecraft. She participates in the Life Series and uploads Let’s Plays from SMPs like Hermitcraft. In addition, she shows the techniques she uses to construct her creations and timelapses of her builds.

707 K Subscribers

30. Silentwisperer

Silentwisperer is an American YouTuber who produces tutorials and highlights glitches that are specific to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. He also covers the latest updates to the game and how they work, as well as plays new mods and embarks on survival challenges for his fans’ entertainment.

587 K Subscribers

31. Minecraft & Chill

Minecraft & Chill is a family-friendly, UK-based YouTube channel that produces a unique brand of Minecraft content. Every video they release covers lists of seeds that players can find in the game. Seeds are codes that are the building blocks of the world of Minecraft; they literally generate the landscape and biome that you play in. You can rely on this channel to help you build incredible worlds to explore.

279 K Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Most Popular Minecraft YouTubers?

MrBeast Gaming, Dream, and DanTDM are the three most popular Minecraft YouTubers. 

How Popular is Minecraft Still?

Minecraft is the second most popular PC and mobile game in the world by number of monthly active users. 

What is the Most Viewed Minecraft Video on YouTube?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Dream holds the title for the most viewed Minecraft video on YouTube. It is called, “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE,” and has approximately 125 million views to date.


Minecraft is a game that encourages creativity and ingenuity on all levels. The 30+ famous Minecraft YouTubers listed above are sure to blow your mind with the skill that they demonstrate – and they may even get your wheels turning, thinking of content that you could upload to grow your own YouTube channel.

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