Trans YouTubers are content creators who, at some point in their lives, transitioned from living as male to female or female to male. These individuals represent an estimated 1.6 million people (according to one report from 2022) in the United States who identify as transgender, or trans for short. 

Transgender YouTubers’ backgrounds are inspiring, but it’s also important to acknowledge that they are brilliant digital creators in their own right and their chosen content niche. 

That’s why, in this article, we’re putting the spotlight on 22 famous trans YouTubers who are transforming the landscape of the internet, turning it into a space where everyone is welcome to be themselves and create amazing content.

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22 Popular Trans YouTubers Who Are a Delight To Watch

Below are 22 trans YouTube creators across several content niches that you’re sure to enjoy watching!

1. NikkieTutorials

Nikkie de Jager, AKA NikkieTutorials, is a trans woman and a well-known makeup YouTuber (AKA a beauty tuber). Her subscribers value her content for her exuberance, her high taste in beauty products, and her skills as an artist. Outside of YouTube, she has her own makeup brand called Nimya, and has also collaborated with established brands like Maybelline, OFRA Cosmetics, and Beauty Bay. She first came out as trans to the public in September 2020.

14.4 Million Subscribers

2. Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is a trans woman, model, author, and beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber. Her vlogs document moments and stories from her daily life, including how she navigates clothing, surgical procedures, her relationship with her husband, and more after coming out as transgender in 2013. She also shares makeup tutorials and shows her travels to exotic locations for modeling photo shoots and vacations. Beyond digital content, she’s also authored two books about her trans experiences.

2.71 Million Subscribers

3. ContraPoints

Natalie Wynn is a left-wing political commentator and video essayist who is also a trans woman. She began her transition from male to female in 2017. Her videos – most of which address weighty topics like sexuality, social justice, religion, and racism – are regarded as insightful and as expressing a poignant, sarcastic sense of humor. In 2020, her channel won Best Commentary at the Streamy Awards.

1.73 Million Subscribers

4. Philosophy Tube

Abigail Thorn is a trans woman who started her YouTube channel, Philosophy Tube, as a way to give free philosophy lessons to university students. Over the years, she has developed a creative, theatrical style of presentation that makes learning philosophical concepts fun as well as informative. In 2021, after creating content for eight years, Abigail revealed to her audience that she was transgender.

1.48 Million Subscribers

5. Blaire White

Blaire White is a center-right-wing political commentator and YouTube star. She started transitioning from male to female in 2015. While she’s openly trans, she has also been critical of other transgender individuals, LGBTQ activists, feminism, and other topics that are valued by many of her more liberal peers. Her YouTube content shows her reacting to politically charged or controversial videos, as well as debating with other popular commentators in podcasts or online.

1.25 Million Subscribers

6. MilesChronicles

MilesChronicles is a YouTube channel belonging to Miles McKenna, a trans man and digital content creator. Miles’s videos chronicle his journey as a transgender individual since coming out in 2015, and they alternate in tone between serious and satirical. He uses skits to bring humor and levity to discussions around transgenderism, but he also films insightful commentary to bring awareness to LGBTQ issues.

1.15 Million Subscribers

7. Jammidodger

Jamie Raines, AKA Jammidodger, is a trans male YouTuber. Using his unique perspective as a transgender man, Jamie reacts to online content about trans and LGBTQ people, including memes, social media posts, Reddit threads, politics, and pop culture. He is also the author of a book titled, The T in LGBT: Everything You Need to Know about Being Trans, which guides readers through the transition process.

1.08 Million Subscribers

8. Sam Collins

Sam Collins is a trans male social commentator and reaction YouTuber. When he first started his channel in 2012, he was uploading comedy skits. But his content gradually changed after he came out as trans in 2016. Now, he reacts to and discusses news, memes, text conversations, TikToks, and Reddit threads regarding male/female relationships, gender, and the trans experience.

933 K Subscribers  

9. Noac Finnce

Noah Adams, better known as NOAHFINNCE on YouTube, is a pop rock singer-songwriter and trans activist. When he isn’t releasing new singles, he’s creating content about being trans, reacting to commentary and memes about transgenderism (and other LGBTQ topics), and updating his fans about every major stage of his transition. Before he came out in 2017, though, his channel was the main hub for his covers of popular songs.

896 K Subscribers

10. Samantha Lux

Samantha Lux is a trans female commentator, as well as an LGBTQ and women’s rights activist. In her videos, she reacts to and discusses hot button issues, like transphobia, and controversial TikToks, interviews, and social media posts about transgenderism and dating. She also publishes vlogs that explain the various processes that are part of transitioning, as well as telling stories of her own experiences as a transgender woman.

632 K Subscribers

11. Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell is a non-binary trans man who uses any pronouns. They are best known for creating content to educate their audience about LGBTQ challenges and issues, as well as for filming vlogs about their life and transition process. They were absent from YouTube for several years and just recently made a comeback in 2023. In 2018, they published a book titled, The ABCs of LGBT+, which became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

627 K Subscribers

12. Stef Sanjati

Stef Sanjati is a vlogger, gamer, and trans woman YouTuber. For many years, she focused on producing lifestyle content, with makeup tutorials and home decor/renovation vlogs sprinkled in. After a lengthy hiatus from YouTube content creation, however, Stef returned to her channel in 2023 and began releasing videos in the gaming niche. She now posts reviews of popular video games and talks about gaming as a transgender woman.

566 K Subscribers 

13. Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque is a black transgender woman whose YouTube channel focuses on transgender, women, and LGBTQ rights. Her commentary ranges from politics and news interviews to social media content and pop culture. She approaches her topics from a left-wing point of view, and her viewers appreciate her frankness and bravery. She is also an occasional blog contributor and an animator.

511 K Subscribers 

14. Emma Ellingsen

Emma Ellingsen is a trans woman model and lifestyle vlogger from Norway. In documenting her life and her travels around the world for runways and photoshoots, she not only shows the glamorous side of modeling, but the raw reality, as well. That latter includes her experience of transitioning. In addition to modeling and filming for YouTube, Emma is also an actress and an author.

444 K Subscribers

15. Ty Turner

Ty Turner is a trans man, entrepreneur, and YouTube vlogger. Through his channel, he shares vlogs about what it’s like being a transgender male and how to work out at the gym to become fit. He also reacts to news and memes relating to trans people and the LGBTQ community at large. On the entrepreneurial side, he once owned his own clothing brand called Fit To Me, which produced shirts that were designed to flatter trans men.

368 K Subscribers

16. Leadhead

Leadhead is a trans woman video essayist who focuses on analyzing video games. Through the medium of gaming and a postmodernist literary lens, she explores both light and heavy topics (one essay is about button-mashing sequences, and another is about drugs and sobriety), and she also addresses her transition from male to female. Her content is very niche, but also very popular among viewers who are interested in video game analysis.

321 K Subscribers

17. Jessie Gender

Jessie Gender is a non-binary trans woman who creates YouTube content about “the nuance in the nerdy.” By that, we mean that they use their YouTube channel to talk about the problems that face transgender, female, autistic, and LGBTQ people within the context of the media, pop culture, and “nerd” franchises (i.e., Star Trek, Marvel, etc.). Her videos are fun but also thought-provoking and educational.

239 K Subscribers

18. Maya Henry

Maya Henry is a Canadian YouTube lifestyle and fashion vlogger, as well as a trans woman. Her vlogs range from clothing shopping hauls and try-ons to Q&As to personal updates about her life post-transition. She also gives her audience her thoughts on the most recent viral trans issues, such as the question, “Should Children Transition?” and the side effects of taking hormones for a long period of time. Her variety of content makes Maya both an entertaining YouTuber and an authentic source for a transgender perspective.

224 K Subscribers

19. Ts Madison

Ts Madison is a trans black YouTuber, actress, recording artist, and social media sensation. The content on her channel is a mix of family and travel vlogs, commentaries, interviews, and LGBTQ activism. She also has a thriving career outside of YouTube. In starting a show called The Ts Madison Experience, Madison became the first black trans woman to star in and executive produce her own reality series. She is also a regular judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

213 K Subscribers

20. Mathilda Hogberg

Mathilda Hogberg is a vlogger from Sweden who produces content to educate viewers about transitioning from male to female. She places special emphasis on how to appear more feminine, from clever makeup application tutorials to getting feminization surgeries like the tracheal shave. She also frequently uses her videos to answer questions about being transgender. Overall, her channel makes transgenderism more accessible to people who may not understand it.

122 K Subscribers

21. Mia Mulder

Mia Mulder is a trans woman and a social and political influencer. Her content revolvers around historical, social, and political topics, She also focuses on trans rights. Mia’s influence goes beyond simple conversations; she encourages critical thinking and brings attention to important concerns. Explore her engaging material, which skillfully combines advocacy, curiosity, and insight to produce a fascinating intellectual experience.

151 K Subscribers

22. Grace Hyland

Grace Hyland rose to fame on TikTok and is now popular on YouTube, as well. She is a proud trans woman and is not afraid to show off her body and her outfits in her videos. She also uses her platform to address common questions and problems that trans people go through daily – all while being body-positive and comfortable in her own skin.

118 K Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Popular Trans YouTuber?

Beauty YouTuber Nikkie de Jager of NikkieTutorials is the most popular trans YouTuber with 19.2 million subscribers.


The above 22 trans YouTubers are paving the way for marginalized voices to feel safe, comfortable, and seen by the world. We hope they encourage and inspire you to express yourself, too, by growing a YouTube channel that entertains, educates, and brings positivity to other people!

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