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7 Best YouTube Vanced Alternative Every One Should Know

Youtube is one of the top video streaming platforms in the world. The content on youtube can hardly be matched by any other platform. There are tons of videos made across several categories. Moreover, you will find all types of content on the platform. However, some features on normal youtube make it quite difficult to watch the content in peace. The advertisements on the platform along with the sponsored content make it quite annoying. You can get rid of these through other software. Further, YouTube vanced alternative is one of the best software for this.

They have all the premium features for free. You can use these features to have one of the most enjoyable expenses. They have advanced features which even the premium version of youtube does not have. On the other hand, there are quite a few companies that have built similar applications. They are a great alternative to youtube vanced. They have amazing features which enhance your viewing experience. Most importantly, you can use this list to find the best youtube vanced alternative. This allows you to choose the best alternative depending on your purpose.

Here is The List of Best YouTube Vanced Alternative

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium - YouTube Vanced Alternative

YouTube Premium is one of the best ways to get all the features of Youtube vanced. This is made by Youtube itself. You will get the best user experience with them. The entire features have been made by Google and they work amazingly. Moreover, Youtube vanced had been modeled on Youtube Premium. This is the best way to enhance your Youtube experience. Since this is the native feature of YouTube, you get the smoothest experience. This stands as the best Youtube vanced alternative.

Further, you can watch all the videos without having to watch any advertisements. Also, this gives you premium access to youtube music. You can listen to your favorite songs without advertisements.  However, this is a paid service. You need to pay a monthly fee for using this service. This is the main reason why people choose other alternatives such as Youtube vanced. Above all, you should use this Youtube vanced alternative if you do not mind paying the subscription charges. 



NewPipe ranks as a great youtube vanced alternative. This application gives you all of the major features. Moreover, they aim to make the youtube experience better while improving privacy. This is a lightweight application. It will not take up a lot of space on your phone but deliver stunning services. They help you to get rid of the advertisements which is one of the most annoying parts of the platform.  

Further, it has a pop-up window as well. This ensures that the video is always playing, even when you are using a different application. Also, you can resize the pop-up and even control media playback with ease. You will find this to be one of the best features of this application. Above all, many refer to this as the best Youtube vanced alternative. They have delivered quality services and you can trust them to be one of the best in the field. 


SmartTubetv - YouTube Vanced Alternative

SmartTube is the best youtube vanced alternative for smart televisions. The youtube advanced software was only compatible with android and ios users. However, SmartTube takes it to the next level. They provide the exact features of youtube vanced for smart televisions. Many people use smart television to watch youtube and this is a great youtube vanced alternative for them. You get to skip all the advertisements io the platform. Moreover, the application has been designed for TVs and gives unmatched performance. 

Further, you can run this application on your tv with minimum changes. The application can be controlled with your tv remote as well. On the other hand, they have spent time ensuring quality is not missing. You can watch up to 8k resolution videos on the app.

Also, you can cast videos from your phone and use your phone for media playback. Having so many features makes it an amazing youtube vanced alternative. Most importantly, the application is free but there is a donation link if you want to help the creator. 



Freetube is the best youtube vanced alternative for desktops. The application works for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Moreover, this allows you to use this application for all operating software. This is one of the best ways to watch youtube on your desktops and laptops. You get access to a free and private youtube client. Also, you can subscribe to your favourite creators without creating an account.

Further, this is the most private youtube vanced alternative. All of the data is stored locally and not on the internet. This ensures that your privacy is maintained. Neither the company nor youtube can track your viewing history. On the other hand, they have tried to keep it user-friendly.

The entire application is a replica of youtube and there is no learning curve. Also, there are great features that let you import your subscriptions from youtube. Above all, they are a successful youtube vanced alternative which has plenty of great features. 


SmartTubeNext - YouTube Vanced Alternative

SmartTubeNext have a series of features that makes them the best youtube vanced alternative. This application takes youtube to the next level. Moreover, they focus on ensuring all of their customers have the best experience. They want to give customers the best experience on the platform. They aim to provide an experience that is a significant upgrade over the normal youtube experience.

Also, you get high-quality video streaming and there is no loss.  Further, all the videos are organized into distinct categories. This prevents random videos from playing on your homepage. You can easily choose a category and get the best videos. Also, you get to use their sponsor block.

This feature makes this a popular youtube vanced alternative. They identify sponsor segments in videos and allow you to skip them directly. Therefore, you get rid of all the annoying segments and get a superb watching experience.



LibreTube allows you to watch all of your favorite videos without creating a youtube account. You get all premium features without having to compromise your data. Youtube uses quite a lot of your data. Moreover, you need to give them access to a lot of your data when you provide them with the necessary permissions. However, you do not need to give any permissions to this application. They will give you the best experience without sacrificing your data.

Further, they are the top youtube vanced alternative. The development team is one of the best. They keep making changes to the platform to make it convenient for users. You will keep getting new versions with better upgrades. They are one of the best youtube vanced alternatives that you can try. Above all, they are feature rich. You will spend hours finding all the cool features they have integrated into the application. 


SkyTube - YouTube Vanced Alternative

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SkyTube ranks among the best youtube vanced alternative. They are one of the most advanced applications in the industry. It helps you to get the most out of youtube. Moreover, they have quite cool features which help you get a stunning experience. This is a free application that is loaded with features. Also, you can block unwanted videos and creators with ease. This allows you to customize the application according to your taste. 

Further, they have swipe controls for all media playback options. You also get to access trending sections. They have ensured customers do not miss out on the true youtube experience. This makes them a great youtube vanced alternative. You can also set up notifications according to your requirements. This prevents you from facing annoying notifications. However, this application is only available for Andriod.  


Youtube vanced is one of the best ways to watch videos on youtube. They have tons of superb features. All of these features remove the boring aspects of the platform and give users a premium experience. Moreover, the application is free and can be used on android and iOS. This is one of the best ways to watch any youtube content. However, we have listed many alternatives for the application. The youtube vanced alternative has its strengths. Some of them can be used on your laptop while others function on TVs as well.

Further, you should choose the applications that meet your requirements. All the best youtube vanced alternatives have tons of features. They provide you with a superior way to watch youtube videos. Also, all of them are easy to use. You just need to download a few applications and the entire thing is ready to use. They have detailed guides on how to operate the software.

Additionally, you will also get regular updates. These updates take care of all the bugs and ensure you have the smoothest experience. Most importantly, all of these are capable of being the best youtube vanced alternative. You should choose the one which fits you the best. They all give you a better way to watch videos than on stock youtube.

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