Educational Youtube channels for kids

Top 10 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids & Teens

Online learning videos are more common than ever due to years of pandemic interruptions and the rising reliance on screens in contemporary basic education. Looking more closely, Family Education looked for kid-friendly educational YouTube channels for kids that provided interesting educational content for children from kindergarten to junior high.

Here are some of the top educational YouTube channels for Kids, as determined by our examination of user numbers, content quality, innovation and diversity. Some of these choices have evergreen channels that handpick excellent content that may be utilized often, particularly in the classroom.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids:

Bright side

Bright side

A Cypriot YouTube channel called Bright Side is run by the magazine TheSoul Publishing. The 2017-founded channel posts videos with trivial how-to instructions as well as historical and educational content. With more than 43.2 million subscribers to its primary channel and more than 9.76 billion views as of April 2022, it is the 49th most subscribed YouTube channel.

They produced an animated movie detailing Angus Barbieri’s 382-day fast from 1965, which they publicised in June 2019. Within a week, the video had over 300,000 views. Its most well-liked video, from late 2017, is titled “13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks.” The video has approximately 90 million views as of April 2022.

TheSoul Publishing, a business started by Russian programmers Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov, runs the channel. The business owns more than 100 channels, including 7-Second Riddles, 5-Minute Magic, 5-Minute Kids Crafts, and 5-Minute Crafts Girly. 

Netflix Jr

Netflix Jr - educational youtube channels for kids

Characters from popular Netflix series like “Super Monsters” and “Ask the StoryBots” participate in entertaining sing-along videos on the Netflix Jr. YouTube channel. The most enjoyable show is the “ABC Jamboree” videos, in which the StoryBots set each letter of the alphabet to an original piece of music.

Although some of these videos could be interesting to third- and fourth-graders as well, Netflix Jr. is a terrific channel for children in Pre-K through second grade.

Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World - educational youtube channels for kids

Ryan’s World, an eight-channel media empire with more than two dozen staff animators, videographers, and other digital media professionals, was founded by Ryan Kaji and his family and focuses on educating and entertaining kids. Its roots are in toy reviews, according to Sunlight Entertainment, the channel’s parent company.

The Ryan’s World YouTube channel’s core features science experiments, elementary chemistry, information about the animal kingdom, and scientist interviews, however finding the most instructive videos requires a little bit of filtering because the channel still features a lot of toy-themed content focused towards an educational YouTube channel for kids.


TED-Ed - educational youtube channels for kids

You’ll find yourself watching the interesting, gorgeously animated, and expertly made films alongside your youngster while they learn intriguing facts. The TED-Ed playlists put videos together according to topics like Love and Superhero Science in addition to those that focus on a specific subject.

There’s a Poem for That and Think Like a Coder are two examples of the multi-episode series available on TED-Ed. The majority of preteens will enjoy this channel, but many of the videos are also suitable for younger children.

Crash Course

Crash Course

Originally designed to educate youngsters history and biology, Crash Course has now expanded to cover chemistry, literature, psychology, physics, media literacy, and other subjects. The hosts are intelligent and interesting, breaking down complicated subjects into simple words without ever speaking down to their listeners.

Cooperation between Arizona State University and a series of films are included in learning playlists for older students to educate both the subtle and specific components of writing well. Students may explore a variety of subjects with this top-notch educational tool, including engineering, artificial intelligence, and accessing digital information.

Disney Byjus Early Learn

Disney Byjus Early Learn

The educational videos of Disney Byjus Early Learn are so well made that youngsters fall in love with them right away. They provide a solid foundation of fundamental ideas in a pleasant way. When young children between the ages of 6 and 8 watch content they enjoy, they learn and adapt more quickly, and this channel imparts knowledge through Disney’s enduring characters.

Characters from films like Frozen, Cars, Toy Story, and many more help simplify difficult ideas via interactive storytelling. They teach all topics in a traditional game format, similar to snakes and ladders, starting with the English alphabet and ending with addition and subtraction in mathematics.

SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids - educational youtube channels for kids

It is here to explain how the world works; it’s both wonderful and strange. SciShow investigates the fascinating and unexpected aspects of our world, whether it is earthquakes in Italy, meteorites in Russia, or why some people’s poop doesn’t smell like asparagus. SciShow aims to correctly communicate everything, from the latest discoveries made by science every day to the explanation of long-held beliefs.

Our mission is to provide easily accessible, excellent educational content that teaches young scientists the topics they want to know since kids have big thoughts and great questions. In order to keep youngsters interested in science, SciShow Kids combines the high standards of its parent channel, SciShow, with a cast of endearing characters and entertaining storylines.


BrainPOP - educational youtube channels for kids

They provide a variety of acclaimed online educational tools, including BrainPOP Jr. (K–3), BrainPOP, BrainPOP Espaol, and BrainPOP ELLTM for English language learners. GameUp, a free educational games site for the classroom, is also located at BrainPOP. The goal of BrainPOP’s animated video curriculum is to pique children’s curiosity about a variety of topics, from engineering to Emily Dickinson, while assisting teachers and raising academic success.

BrainPOP supports individual, team, and whole-class learning in conventional, blended, and “flipped” learning environments. Their characters aid in introducing fresh subjects and illuminating challenging ideas in formal and informal learning settings. A handpicked selection of our films as well as educational resources to help you get the most out of a premium BrainPOP subscription are available on the BrainPOP YouTube channel.

Learn Bright

Learn Bright

Want a concise summary of Newton’s laws of motion? What about a review of the Declaration of Independence, some basic arithmetic, or an introduction to adjectives? Learn Bright has you prepared with succinct, uncomplicated videos covering everything from fundamental English and math to history and geography. For children in grades 1-4.

The goal of Learn Bright is to provide youngsters with entertaining and informative instructional movies that also cover the subject matter thoroughly and accurately. They are enthusiastic about education and supporting young learners!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

With its bizarre, outrageous, and wacky videos, Nat Geo Kids makes discovering your world entertaining! Videos with amazing creatures, fascinating science, amusing pets, and more are created specifically for curious children like you. Do your children enjoy animals? If so, it’s likely that they’ve come across National Geographic Kids.

Here, parents can discover a wealth of instructive material. Astronomers, biologists, and other scientists take children through the glories of scientific discovery at the Explorer Academy and Science Camp, respectively. The focus of Weird But True and The Truth Behind is on unique innovations and how they work. superior performance Kids may see what it’s like to work in exciting industries like mountaineering, diving, and animal photography on Ever.  This channel encourages children to reflect on the things they encounter every day and to ponder important concerns.


The best educational YouTube channels for kids are listed below for you to introduce to them at home. The next step is to monitor what your child is learning from the various channels. It is crucial to understand whether your youngster is gaining useful learning skills from watching these movies. Online education is the future. We do, however, realize how important it is for your kids to keep growing and learning.

Online learning is therefore so important. Your child may continue to study from the comfort of their home through YouTube kid channels, home-schooling, or online tutoring. These tools should enable your youngster to accomplish that goal in a fun way.

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