Top Travel YouTubers

Are you interested in traveling the world or even exploring some locales closer to home, but you just don’t have the time or budget yet? The good news is that you can still get your wanderlust fix. You just need to watch some travel YouTubers!

Travel YouTubers are YouTube creators that film video blogs, AKA vlogs, and short documentaries about the places they visit and the adventures they have on the road. Watching them can help you see what it’s like to live the way they live and maybe even inspire your next vacation!

We’ve collected a list of the top 15 travel YouTubers that we believe are worthy of your subscription. Without further delay, get ready to begin your journey toward your next big adventure – from your couch!

Here Are Our Picks for the Top 15 Travel YouTubers

Your quest starts below, with our list of the top 15 YouTube creators in the travel niche!

1. CaseyNeistat

If you’re already familiar with the travel niche or even the filmmaking niche on YouTube, then you may have already heard the name “Casey Neistat” bandied about. Casey is a 42-year-old American filmmaker with 12.6 million subscribers to his channel.

He uploads daily vlogs about his life in New York City, but also about his travels, which take him all over the globe. His style of videos is humorous yet also honest – qualities which have endeared him to millions of fans.

12.6 Million Subscribers

2. Best Ever Food Review Show

One of the things that a lot of travelers like to do is try new foods wherever they go. If you’re a foodie and want to know what to eat when you go to a new country, you definitely want to subscribe to the Best Ever Food Review Show! 

This channel, which has 10.3 million subscribers, is operated by an American man named Sonny. Sonny’s goal is to try the unique foods in different countries and give viewers his honest review, while still respecting the native culture. 

Sonny is currently in Vietnam, but he’s also been to Nigeria, Iran, Uzbekistan, and many other nations. Don’t miss his next food review! 

10.3 Million Subscribers

3. Mark Wiens

No matter what kind of food you love or where it’s located, Mark Wiens is there to try it, review it, and recommend his favorite choices! Mark has playlists for street food, village food, high-end food, and so much more from his travels in Vietnam, Mexico, Dubai, Istanbul, Thailand… the list goes on! Plus, you’ll often get to see how food is prepared in these other countries, as Mark films the whole process. Subscribe to his channel!

10.2 Million Subscribers

4. Drew Binsky

If you didn’t think it was possible to visit every country in the world in a single lifetime, watch Drew Binsky and think again! Drew has visited all 197 countries on the face of the Earth, and he’s shared secrets, stories, and cultural experiences from them all. If you want to learn something and be entertained, then Drew’s documentary-style videos are must-watches!

3.93 Million Subscribers

5. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are the ultimate wife-husband travel duo! They’ve been to all sorts of places that most people only dream about – including Antarctica! Not only can you find vlogs of their experiences staying in exotic hotels, riding trains, and enduring rigorous physical challenges on their channel, but you can also learn about their top travel tips. Don’t skip out on this couple!

3.67 Million Subscribers

6. Paolo fromTOKYO

Calling all Japan fans! Paolo fromTokyo is a YouTube channel where you can see what life, food, and culture is like in Japan through the eyes of your charming host, Paolo. It’s the perfect resource if you’re planning on visiting that country someday, so that you know the best places to eat, shop, and stay. You may even gain an appreciation for the people who live and work there daily through Paolo’s “Day in the Life” series. Don’t miss it! 

3.34 Million Subscribers

7. Fearless & Far

Fearless & Far is a travel YouTube channel belonging to Mike Corey, a self-styled “professional adventurer.” Mike chronicles his travels to other countries – in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa – in the hopes of inspiring other people to conquer their fears, so that they, too, can see the world. 

You’ll be awestruck at the seemingly crazy (and sometimes dangerous) things that Mike films, but beware: his videos may kickstart your own adventurous spirit!

2.42 Million Subscribers

8. Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc, AKA Lost LeBlanc, quit his job to travel the world. Now, on his YouTube channel, you can watch his travel tips and vlogs about journeying through faraway countries like Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, and more! You can also watch him build his dream home in Bali – because who doesn’t want a dream home in Bali? 

2.11 Million Subscribers

9. Jennelle Eliana

One of the most popular travel trends in the last few years has been living out of a van. It may not sound like the most glamorous lifestyle, but Jennelle Eliana decided to make it work – and of course, she filmed the whole experience! 

You can watch Jennelle build the van, see how she lives in it (and even how she showers in it), and observe her travels to different locations. Don’t forget to subscribe, too, so that you get notified when she starts a new adventure in 2024!

2.4 Million Subscribers

10. Sailing La Vagabonde

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a sailboat? Well, you can find out by watching Sailing La Vagabonde! This YouTube channel is run by an Australian couple named Riley and Elayna, and it’s all about their experiences living, traveling, and raising their two children aboard a boat called La Vagabonde. They’ve sailed the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, plus visited many countries along their way. Their content is sure to put the wind in your sails and make you yearn for the sea!

1.86 Million Subscribers

11. Itchy Boots

Noraly Schoenmaker, best known as Itchy Boots on YouTube, is truly living her best nomadic, motorcycling life. That’s right, Noraly travels the world on her motorcycle, a Honda CRF300L Rally. She’s visited 40 countries, been to the Arctic, and gotten married in India. Subscribe to her channel and binge watch all seven seasons of her travel series, so you can see foreign countries from the back of a bike!

1.86 Million Subscribers

12. Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow loves travel and adventure. Her channel is filled with vlogs of her exploits, including her daring climb to the top of Mount Everest and her solo journeys to Thailand, Bhutan, and other amazing places. You can also catch her visiting hotels and restaurants like the Husky Cafe in Bangkok, reviewing experiences like swimming with sharks in the Maldives, and sharing her best advice on traveling. Check out her channel!

1.28 Million Subscribers

13. Travel with Luke Damant

Luke Damant can typically be found in a foreign country like Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, or Sri Lanka. One of his objectives while traveling is to find new perspectives, and he’s certainly given his audience plenty of fascinating people, places, and adventures to experience. Watch him explore the streets of whatever country he’s currently visiting and see him try street food, mingle with the people, and show you the best time!

1.28 Million Subscribers

14. Flying the Nest

Stephen, Jess, Hunter, and Koa are living out every travel family’s dream on their YouTube channel, Flying the Nest. 

With their kids in tow, Stephen and Jess are constantly traveling abroad full-time and showing you what it’s like living in their shoes. They’ve been on cruises and planes, and they’ve visited tons of places, including Poland, Tasmania, Romania, Finland, Denmark, and (for all you Mickey Mouse fans out there) Disneyland. You can watch it all and live out your dream of traveling vicariously through this incredible channel!

1.25 Million Subscribers

15. Hey Nadine

In case you’re ready to start planning your vacation right away, Nadine from the Hey Nadine YouTube channel is here to help! With her expert travel tips, hacks, packing videos, and destination guides, you can never go wrong. Plus, you’ll benefit from her reviews of different places to visit and travel products. You’ll always be prepared, whether you travel to Spain, Singapore, or the Safari! 

510 K Subscribers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Most Famous Traveler on YouTube?

The most famous travel YouTuber is Casey Neistat. He has 12.6 million subscribers on his channel. 


With these top 15 travel YouTubers, you’re ready to conquer the world! Or, at least, you can dream of it every time you watch one of their exciting vlogs. Your next trip could be inspired by what you see, so don’t waste any time; build your travel playlist on YouTube and begin the binge watch!

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