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Top 12 Highest-Paid YouTubers in the World (2023)

Youtube is one of the top social media platforms. The company has managed to capture the video streaming industry and make it its own. Many competitors have come but failed to displace youtube from its top spot. Moreover, youtube is the perfect place for creators to make different types of videos. Also, there are millions of creators across the globe who make a variety of content. Therefore, you get to see a variety of content on the platform. This makes the platform the best place for advertisers. Having tons of advertisers makes youtube the best palace for creators to make videos as youtube gives them a share of the ad revenue. Further, the highest-paid YouTuber earns millions of dollars in a year.

Their content gets them millions of dollars through ad revenue and sponsorship deals. Many creators have a solid income through youtube. This income keeps changing every month. Therefore, it is difficult to find the highest-paid YouTuber. However, we have found some of the highest-earning youtube stars.

All of these stars have made a significant impact on youtube and have millions of fans. This helps them to generate tons of views and get great revenue. Above all, these creators are from different niches but they earn significant amounts of money from the platform.

Top 12 Highest-Paid YouTubers:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Highest paid youtuber

Justin Beiber is one of the top pop stars in the world. He has millions of fans across the globe. However, he comes from a very humble background. He started with a budding youtube career. Moreover, his first video was posted just at the age of 2. Justin owes a part of his success to his fame on youtube. 

Further, he has millions of followers on youtube which makes him one of the highest-paid YouTubers. Also, he has tons of videos that have raked millions of views over the years. He has transitioned to being a musician but his youtube account has one of the best YouTube monetized earnings. 

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star - Highest paid youtuber

Jeffree Star is a youtube sensation. He is one of the top creators in the world. Moreover, his content has tons of followers. He ranks among the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. He has created his own company which brings him tons of profits. The company was made famous through youtube. 

Further, he had made one of the largest brands on youtube in the makeup community. Also, his videos get tons of views and rank among the top videos in his niche. Therefore, he is one of the highest-earning youtube stars. Above all, his channel manages to get tons of views and generates great revenue through youtube monetized earning. 


MrBeast - Highest paid youtuber


MrBeast has some of the best content on the platform. He started with just a few hundred followers and has worked his way to the top. Moreover, it is one of the fastest growing Youtube channels in the world. Therefore, he is one of the highest-paid YouTubers. 

Further, MrBeast uses youtube monetized earning to invest in his content and create the best content. He is one of the top creators in his segment and earns millions of dollars from his videos. Most importantly, you can easily rank him as one of the highest-earning youtube stars. 

Logan Paul

Logan Paul - Highest paid youtuber

Logan Paul is famous for his youtube videos and his podcast. Both of these are on youtube. He is the highest-paid YouTuber through these different channels. Moreover, he makes a lot of money through sponsorship deals. His podcast gains tons of new sponsors every year. 

Further, his content has seen a great evolution. Also, he has become much more professional in his videos and makes effortlessly good videos. You can find him making regular videos on the platforms. Above all, he releases new episodes of his podcast every week which garners him millions of followers. 


PewDiePie - Highest paid youtuber

PewDiePie is one of the original creators of youtube. He was one of the first creators to make serious money from the platform. He ranks among the top youtube earners. Moreover, he has been at the top for many years and has a crazy fandom.  

Further, almost all of his videos land on the trending page. He has switched to more conservative content over time. Nowadays, he makes Reddit videos that gain him tons of views. He is not very active on the platform anymore. However, he is still one of the highest-paid YouTubers. 


MarkiPlier - Highest paid youtuber

Markiplier is one of the top American YouTubers. He has innovative content and amazing delivery. This makes him one of the best content creators on the platform. Moreover, he earns a lot of money through youtube monetized earning. He has used his quality content to generate a huge following on the platform. 

Further, he is one of the hardest-working YouTubers. He has spent more than 12 hours per day dedicated to making his channel the best. However, the best part is his humility. He has an amazing connection with his fans and treated them like friends. This has made him one of the most loved creators and one of the top youtube earners. 

Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World

Ryan’s world is one of the most successful young creators. He became the highest-paid YouTuber when he was just 10 years old. Moreover, he started making videos at the age of 3. His channel has one of the best growth rates on youtube.

Further, his content revolves around unboxing and reviewing toys. Also, his family is a part of his videos. He makes child-friendly content and has an army of young supporters. Although his content might not appeal to adults, he has made a fortune from it. Most importantly, he finds fun toys to review and has kept his content entertaining. This makes him one of the highest-earning Youtube stars. 



Unspeakable manages to find the best niche to make their videos. This helps them to make clickbait videos and generate great revenue. Moreover, you will find them making videos on the most trending topics. This helps them to generate views across the world and have stunning ad revenue. 

Further, they have narrowed down their content to pranks, stunts, and more. Also,m they have found their niche audience and do a good job of entertaining them. This generates the best revenue for them. Therefore, they have become one of the highest-earning youtube stars. Most importantly, they have managed to ensure a high rate of revenue over the years. 

Like Nastya

Like Nastya

Like Nastya is a kids’ youtube channel. They have great content for children and have captured that niche perfectly. Therefore, they are one of the highest-paid YouTubers. This is a result of the massive number of views that they get. Millions of kids and families watch their videos regularly. 

Further, they have mastered monetization on youtube. Also, they ensure the videos are of the perfect length. Therefore, they are the highest-paid Youtuber in their niche. She continues to make videos from South Florida and appeal to her large audience. Above all, she manages to make more than some of the top creators which makes her one of the highest-earning youtube stars.  

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is a group of friends who make fun videos with each other. They make videos as a group. Moreover, all of their videos have extreme challenges and trick shots that look almost impossible to pull off. They have managed to create their niche and succeed in it. 

Further, they generate a lot of revenue on youtube making them one of the top youtube earners. Many people have tried to copy them and make similar videos. However, the group keeps making innovations and comes out on top of its competition. Most importantly, there has not been a drop in the quality of their content over the years which makes them successful. 



Preston is a youtube star who made his empire at just the age of 25. He makes vlogs on his main channel and has a huge following. Moreover, he also has a Minecraft channel. Both of these channels add to his youtube revenue. His videos frequently feature his girlfriend and the audience loves their content together. 

Further, his content is great for monetization. He makes videos on challenges that gain millions of views. His gaming content in addition to his challenges is a perfect balance for his content. Therefore, he gains millions of views and earns millions of dollars. 

Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

Rhett and Link is a youtube channel that showcases the friendship between two men. They are childhood friends and have maintained their friendship over the years. Moreover, they are credited with creating one of the most popular shows on the platform. Their show gains tons of views with every episode. 

Further, they have never missed any episode of this show. They are one of the most consistent creators in the industry. Also, they have completed over a decade of having this show. Their fans are attracted to their funny spoofs. Most importantly, their millions of views per episode have made them one of the top youtube earners. 


Who is the highest-paid Youtuber?

The highest-paid YouTuber keeps changing from time to time. However, MrBeast is currently the highest-paid YouTuber. He makes viral content that is available in many languages. Moreover, he has several channels which help him become one of the top youtube earners. 

Further, he has mastered the art of monetization. He makes videos that are easily monetized and sponsor friendly. This makes him the best in the field when it comes to earning money from youtube. Also, he earns from both youtube monetization as well as sponsorship deals. Therefore, this propels him to the top of the platform and makes him the best in the business. 

How much money can you make from Youtube? 

In short, you can make a lot of money from youtube. However, there are many things that you must keep in mind. All of the highest-paid YouTubers have worked very hard to reach their pinnacle. Moreover, you need to make videos that can be monetized. They will help you earn the most money from your content. Also, have tons of followers who regularly view the videos. 

However, you cannot forget sponsorship deals. All the top youtube earners have amazing sponsorship deals from the top companies. Your Youtube monetized earning in addition to  sponsorship deals will make you the highest paid youtuber

What type of videos makes the most money?

There are tons of videos that make great money on the platform. You can choose the niche which is the best fit for your skillset. Moreover, tons of creators are the highest-earning youtube stars in the smallest niches. So, you can choose the best niche for you. 

However, some niches work better and have more views. You need to ensure that the niche has enough views. This will help you become the highest-paid YouTuber. Above all, you need to find the perfect combination of monetization and a niche. You can make millions when you find the perfect combination. 

How to become the highest-paid YouTuber?

There are several steps that you need to follow to become the highest-paid YouTuber. Firstly, you need to find content that appeals to your followers. Moreover, you need to have great content which will generate millions of views. Having subscribers and views will help you to generate a profitable channel. 

Further, you need to make content that can generate YouTube monetized earning. Therefore, you should avoid videos that cannot be monetized. Also, you should be focusing on cracking brand integrations and sponsorship deals. These are great ways to make more money apart from ad revenue. Most importantly, you can use these techniques to become the highest-paid YouTuber. 


Most of these creators have been the highest-paid YouTubers at some point. They are the highest-earning youtube stars. Moreover, these creators have found ways to make the best content. You cannot be one of the top youtube earners without having good content. Having good content helps you to get more views and subscribers which are crucial for youtube monetized earnings. All of these creators are the best in their niche. They have found a niche that is profitable and has become the best in them. The creators earn millions of dollars through youtube monetized earrings and sponsorship deals. 

Further, brands are eager to collaborate with creators who have such large audiences. This allows the creators to earn money from multiple sources. Also, some of them have their merchandise lines which bring them more money from youtube. Most importantly, when you can biome the highest paid youtube. You have to find the perfect niche which suits your strengths and make entertaining videos.

Making great content is the biggest hurdle. Also, you need to be consistent and understand how youtube monetized earning works. This will help you to make videos that generate more ad revenue. Above all, youtube can become a serious way to earn money. Many creators have left their jobs and o youtube full-time.

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