Couple YouTubers

What’s better than one YouTube creator? Two, of course! 

There’s no doubt that couple YouTubers can be a huge draw for high levels of engagement. Viewers get twice the knowledge, twice the fun, twice, the drama… the list goes on! 

We’re here to help you capitalize on the most popular couple YouTubers’ success by introducing you to 16 new channels, each of which places a dynamic male/female duo in the spotlight. Not only will you get to know these amazing creators, but you’ll also see what kind of content they’re posting that has their subscribers coming in droves. 

Here we go!

16 Best Couple YouTubers Who Are Making It Big Online

Familiarize yourself with these 16 famous couple YouTubers.

1. Jin and Hattie

Jin and Hattie live in South Korea and are an extremely popular YouTube couple, particular in Asia. One of the most interesting things about this pair is that Jin is South Korean, but Hattie is British. As such, their videos often involve culture clashes, such as when Hattie tries Korean food or when they visit Hattie’s family in England. Their vlogs are by turns humorous and dramatic, which both entertains and enthralls their audience.

6.08 Million Subscribers

2. Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is a DIY and interior design YouTube channel run by Kate Albrecht and her husband Joey Zehr. This fun American couple, who have a child together (they even documented Kate’s pregnancy in their vlogs), are always up to some new and exciting project, like building a dream home, renovating an island, or upgrading a stranger’s office on a budget. Their subscribers appreciate their light style of filmmaking, which is usually free of soap-opera style drama.

3.89 Million Subscribers

3. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a globetrotting, vlogging YouTube couple from Nashville, TN. For four years, they traveled the world, visited 100 countries, and lived out of their suitcases. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, they bought a van and drove around the United States for two years. Now, they’re biking across America while still living out of their van, and every so often you’ll find them taking somewhere abroad, like Australia or Singapore. You never know where they’ll end up next!

3.68 Million Subscribers

4. Jatie Vlogs

Katie and Josh are the couple behind Jatie Vlogs on YouTube. But this is no ordinary vlogging channel! These two love playing pranks on one another, and even though they have a baby now, that’s only added more opportunities for harmless mischief to their lives. But they also post a lot of vlogs about their experiences as first-time parents, giving other new moms and dads a raw look into the reality of raising a child. Overall, their content is a winning combination of fun and family lifestyle.

3.5 Million Subscribers

5. International Couple

Jay and Sasha are the International Couple on YouTube. They are based in South Korea (although Sasha is a native of Russia) and create funny and cute vlogs about their travels and the pranks that they play on one another. Recently, in November 2023, they posted two vlogs about their trip to Busan, a bustling city in South Korea.

2.91 Million Subscribers

6. Queen & Clarence

Queen & Clarence are a black American couple who live and have two children together. Their YouTube channel is home to vlogs that give their fans a glimpse into their date nights and daily activities, as well videos of Q&As, serious conversations, and updates on their personal lives. In addition to his YouTube career, Clarence also owns his own clothing label called Designed by White.

2.85 Million Subscribers

7. Austin and Lexi

Austin and Lexi are a funny YouTube couple based in Los Angeles, CA. Their content runs the gamut from pranks and social media challenges to personal life updates and activity vlogs. In addition to YouTube, they are also extremely popular on TikTok, where they have 5.4 million followers.

2.69 Million Subscribers

8. Della Vlogs

Bella and Dallin are the married hosts of Della Vlogs, an American lifestyle, travel, and family vlogging channel. Many of this couple’s videos focus on their struggles to get pregnant, ultimately culminating in their adoption of a baby girl, which they also documented for their channel. Lately, their vlogs have been about “firsts,” including their first trip to Disneyland as a family of three.

2.18 Million Subscribers

9. Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde shows the adventures of an Australian couple named Riley and Elayna (along with their two children). This young family has been sailing around the world in a boat for nearly a decade, clocking over 90,000 nautical miles. Just days ago, in November 2023, they celebrated the launch of their new ship, La Vagabonde III.

1.87 Million Subscribers

10. Slice n Rice

Slice n Rice, AKA Matt and Glory, are a married black/Korean couple with two kids who post comedy videos and food vlogs. Their content always has a humorous spin, especially when they’re sharing and comparing their cultural differences and trying new things. They are sure to make you laugh, but they may also tempt you to taste new cuisines, as well!

1.82 Million Subscribers

11. Kb and Karla

KB and Karla are a fun American couple who post vlogs about their travels, pranks, food and drinking challenges, life updates, and more. They’re all about having a great time, whether they’re getting engaged in Bora Bora, at home hosting a costume party, in Disneyland trying food, visiting Tokyo, or ordering new menu items at a fast food restaurant. 

1.11 Million Subscribers

12. Rachel & Jun’s Adventures!

Rachel and Jun are an American/Japanese couple living in Japan with their cats. Their vlogs are all about the fun things they do in their daily lives, including DIY projects such as a mermaid princess bathroom, a cat door, and a custom cat feeding station. You can also go along with them as they go Japanese thrift store shopping or walk their cats on a treadmill. You never know just what they will get up to; you just know it will be cute, lighthearted, and sweet! 

1.2 Million Subscribers

13. Carlo and Sarah

Carlo and Sarah are couple YouTubers whose international relationship has become a source of sweet entertainment for thousands of people around the world. Sarah is from the United States and Carlo is from Italy, and their videos show the humorous clashes that result due to their having been raised in different parts of the world. But they are also very much in love and enjoy vlogging their lives for the world.

876 K Subscribers

14. Gold Shaw Farm

Morgan and Allison are an American couple who live in Vermont on a farm that they are working to turn into a homestead. Their videos chronicle their struggles and triumphs as they go about their daily chores (including feeding their animals), working the land, and, little by little, making their farm a success. They’re both entertainment and inspiration for any couple longing for a rural life.

836 K Subscribers

15. How To Renovate A Chateau

How To Renovate A Chateau is hosted by a French couple with two children. Some years ago, the couple decided to buy an 18th century chateau in the countryside and renovate it. For four years, they slowly transformed the chateau from top to bottom and filmed it for their channel. In 2023, they’re still hard at work, but the majority of the renovation is complete.

417 K Subscribers

16. Travel Beans

Travel Beans is a YouTube channel run by a couple named Alex and Emma. This pair is no stranger to travel; in fact, in 2017, they quit their full-time jobs, so that they could make globetrotting their lifestyle. In 2023, they’ve settled into van life in Scotland and are expecting their first baby together.

309 K Subscribers

What Kind of Content Can Couples Create For YouTube?

As you can see from the list of 16 couple YouTubers above, there is no end to the kinds of content you can create for a couple YouTube channel! If you’re thinking of starting a couple channel with your loved one, here are some of the video ideas you can explore together.

  • Food vlogs (AKA mukbangs)
  • Social media challenges
  • Pranks
  • Lifestyle vlogs
  • Family vlogs
  • Travel vlogs
  • Relationship Advice
  • Skits
  • DIY
  • Interior design
  • Home Renovation
  • Couple’s experiences


We hope that the husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend YouTube channels we shared in this article showed you that, as couple YouTubers, you can have double the fun creating content. Even better, if you use proven growth strategies, you may be able to double – or triple, or quadruple – your engagement rate. That’s the power of two!

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