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We all love our little pooches, don’t we? And we make sure to raise them to our best abilities. Yet sometimes in this process, we end up spoiling them. You know how they say, “There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners.” This statement stands true. It is very important to train your dogs. Training not only enhances their overall personality but helps them communicate better with their dog parents and further gain more intelligence and confidence.

Many dogs are very kind at heart but badly behaved due to lack of proper training. Potty training is not the only form of training they need. Dogs should be able to take commands from you and obey them. It should be certain in their mind who the master and yet, also gives them a sense of accountability.

Best Dog Training YouTube Channels:

Peter Caine Dog Training

Peter Caine Dog Training - Dog YouTube channel

Peter Caine Dog training is a very popular dog YouTube channel run by Peter Caine, with 185K subscribers. He works as an animal behavior specialist as well as a trainer, based in Brooklyn, New York. He works very well with dogs having all sorts of behavioral problems. The interaction here lies along the lines of obedience commands and training dogs how to interpret and obey the commands of their owners.

 At Peter Caine Dog Training, they use body language and study the dog’s behavior to inculcate the right attitude. Taking the leadership approach, they train dogs to follow your commands and know that you are the one in charge and not vice-a-versa. This training strengthens your relationship with the dog eventually.

They use the healing stick method. It requires usage of a stick to signal to the dog different things by tapping on different parts of their body. The stick is not meant to be struck in anyway, it is only used as a cue. Another interesting fact is that Peter Caine never uses food as part of his training. Due to the fact that he does not believe that is the right way to train your dog, as opposed to many other dog trainers.

Zak George’s Dog Training Evolution

Zak George’s Dog Training Evolution

“Just like humans, dogs are individuals and completely diverse in their personalities” and “it’s important to cater to your dog’s personality”. Zak George is a truly famous dog trainer and also known as a celebrity. His YouTube channel, called “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution” is all about training dogs.  He also wrote a book called “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution, which is supposedly a very resourceful guide to dog training. Apart from that, Zak also starred on two shows of his own, based on dog training, along with multiple talk shows on the television.

With a following of 3.58 million YouTube subscribers, it’s safe to say his training methods must most definitely be effective. Zak analyses dog behavior based on the science behind it. His train of thought propels you towards gaining an understanding of how every dog is different. Each dog requires to be trained as per their personality and behavior. He shares his thoughts on the following subjects:

  • How to train and tackle dogs that tend to bite and display aggression?
  • How to choose the right dog for yourself?
  • Dog training from A-Z
  • Healthcare and nutrition-related information
  • How to bond with your dog?

Zak’s teaching fundamentals circle around communication with the dog, without using any violent methods to train them. Rather he completely discourages any methodology that involves hitting or threatening dogs. While promoting using positive training for dogs, he encourages rewarding them with treats in order to teach them something.

Cultivating this habit will teach them how to behave a certain way without treats as well. Zak also advises not using too many words while communicating with your dog as it can confuse them. His YouTube videos are extremely insightful and can be very helpful in your journey towards training dogs.

Larry Kohn

Larry Kohn - Dog YouTube channel

Larry Kohn is a dog trainer based in Kentucky and runs a training school called Pak Masters. He has 133K YouTube subscribers and 26 years of experience in dog training. Known for his expertise in training dogs with aggression and bad behavioral issues.  In situations where the aggressive nature of some dogs put people in danger, it becomes problematic. Larry has been saving many such dogs from being euthanized.

Larry has written a wonderful book on E-Collar training, called “Everything you need to know about E-collar training”. The book emphasizes upon how to use the Electric E-Collar most effectively to train your dog. The collar sends signals that help the dog distinguish between good and bad behavior. Larry teaches all the Dos and Don’ts with regard to the E-Collar.

At Pak Masters, they offer training on obedience and behavioral change, without using any technique that distresses your dog or cause them any harm. Larry is phenomenal at training the most ferocious of dogs, from Rottweilers to Alsatians, Pitbulls that are dreaded by people. Moreover, he believes in the goodness and potential of all dogs to be family dogs once trained correctly.

To make sure of this, they encourage teaching not only the dogs but also the owners how to tackle tricky situations. Every dog can be conditioned to be disciplined and live in harmony, with kindness and attention.

Stonnie Dennis

Stonnie Dennis - Dog YouTube channel

After years of experience and brilliant services, Stonnie Dennis has garnered a big name and following, with 207 K subscribers on YouTube! Their prowess lies in their unsurpassed techniques to train dogs. This is why Stonnie Dennis’s channel is religiously watched worldwide. They have several facilities all over the country, meant for training dogs by including socialization between them, giving large open space and building their mental strength with a unique approach.

For instance, they offer dog boarding services for puppies and adult dogs to live with them at the facility. What sets them apart from everyone else is their ideology, training techniques and how distinct their approach is overall. Through his channel, he shows the world everything that involves being a dog trainer. The way he manages his boarding and the dedication which he puts into his work is unparalleled. 

Everything from watersports like swimming, kayaking to hiking amongst other activities, is part of their boarding training at the kennel. These activities enhance the mental and physical growth of the dog. Stommie talks about the initial stages of training puppies, how to look after them, helping them develop their impulses, communication and bring out their best from within in the most natural way.

Furthermore, their channel also shows how to help dogs that are struggling with anxiety and fear. The effect the external environment has on a dog’s psyche is outstanding. Stommie reinforces positive behavior by using a mechanism that brings the two to interact with one another. Therefore, resulting in the desired outcome. Their YouTube channel has hundreds of videos with information on managing and training dogs and the detailed insights to their boarding program.

Fred Hassan

Fred Hassan

Despite his somewhat meagre following of 36.7 K subscribers, his videos are extremely valuable and appreciated far and wide. Fred Hassan is also the owner of the “Sit Means Sit” dog training franchise. “Sit means Sit” is a method that helps dogs concentrate better despite what is going on in their surroundings.

This approach has landed him opportunities to work with several dogs, including professional athlete dogs as well as celebrity and police dogs. Fred has also trained Watch dogs and Police dogs that work for the forces and the government. You will find videos of all kinds on his channel. From training young puppies in the most adorable manner to fierce training with adult dogs using physically strenuous activities.

Apart from these, he has trained many dogs into doing tricks that are unbelievable. From getting dogs to washing dishes to training them to hit the ball with a bat in the middle of the pool, the list goes on. These videos often leave viewers in splits. From appearing on television shows to conducting lectures, running his YouTube Channel and his franchise, the man has done it all.

Why do some dogs tend to misbehave?

Some dogs struggle with deeply ingrained anxiety and fear socializing with people outside their home. Training will help them come out of their shell and become more relaxed and friendly. Working on the dog’s personality and handling their weaknesses in the right manner is integral to their development.

Many dogs misbehave, bite on things and destroy household items without the awareness that their behavior is wrong and needs to stop. Despite numerous attempts at trying to convey this to them, they may still not understand and continue to stay puzzled. They may continue to growl and bark at you.

Dogs develop habits after perceiving our reactions and encouragement. It is proven that when they see certain behavior of theirs is being condoned, they think it is acceptable. Therefore, it is us who need to give them the correct training and discourage their bad habits. This is the only way they will stop.

What is the correct way to exert positive reinforcement on your dogs?

The correct way of training your dogs is by rewarding them for good behavior. This can be in the form of a treat or affection/praise. Using phrases like “Good boy/ Good girl” is recommended, to let them know their behavior is being appreciated. Coupling this with a treat may get you even better results. These habits take time to be developed. It requires constantly monitoring the dog’s behavior and whether they are following the new rules dictated to them. Many popular dog YouTube channel for dog training implement this practice.

What is the correct age to start training dogs?

The ideal stage is 6 to 16 weeks of age. Many would argue that this is a very young age but contrary to popular opinion, this is the best time to instill habits. The formative years of a dog’s life are their highest development stage. It is the right time for them to be introduced to new people, other dogs, environments to get accustomed to, and being around normalcy.

Many dogs become aggressive with people due to the absence of socializing in their life and not being trained on how to handle that. The period when they are still puppies, is when they process most crucial information and learn new things.

How will training your dog help?

As a matter of fact, training your dog will also help you understand him/her better. It will help you understand their needs, their emotions and forge a stronger bond of friendship between you two. Doing so is also important for their own safety. Dogs must obey the commands of their owners to an extent that all they need is to give them a cue and they follow that right away. “No means no.”, “Come to me.”, means exactly that.

This will help you protect them from dangerous situations many times. You must be able to control them. This way they will be more manageable even around other people/ guests, without you having to constantly chaperone them or lock them up. Many dogs have a habit of growling or snarling if you’re hovering around their food. This situation could escalate into them attacking you as well. This is when they immediately need training and need to learn that this behavior is unacceptable. 

There is a way to tackle such situations without the dog resenting or becoming fearful of you. Your relationship with the dog is extremely important in training them. They must feel a sense of security and a loving bond in your company, to have faith in your intention. You don’t necessarily need a trainer to train your dog. There are brilliant YouTube channels that showcase their expertise in dog training and teach you how you can do the same.


The ever-growing success of the YouTube Channels of all these dog trainers proves that there are plenty of people learning from their videos. You could do the same and follow the given instructions to train your dog. Without having to pay for a trainer in your neighborhood, you have access to tips and tricks from the finest dog trainers in the world. What else could you ask for?

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