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It’s the year 2005. Three friends are looking for a website to share videos they want their other friends to see. Unfortunately, they fail to find any such website. So what do they do? They make a website of their own. What began as a portal for a bunch of friends to share videos is today the world’s biggest video-sharing platform. This is how YouTube came about. Nearly 17 years later, millions and millions are not only watching videos on YouTube but making a living by creating content as well. We will be Looking at some of the best time to Post on Youtube to get more Views in 2022.

  1. Anyone can earn a sustainable amount of money from uploading videos on YouTube. However, you don’t simply get paid for pushing them out. The amount of views on a video is what YouTube pays you for. A lot of factors influence a video’s views from the quality of content to the video’s presentation. But what many don’t know is that the time when you upload a video can make a big difference in how many views it gets. 
  2. YouTube upload times can be categorized in relation to either the global YouTube or your channel exclusively. When considering the entire platform, various studies have been made to discover YouTube behaviors and quirks that stay constant, regardless of region. Thanks to them, we now know what time is the best to upload your videos on YouTube. 
  3. When talking about the days of a week, it is best to upload your videos when the weekend is approaching. Fridays and Sundays do great in terms of engagement. As it goes for the specific time, anything past a late afternoon and prior to a late-night works wonders. If we single out a specific frame of time, 5 pm and 9 pm are two timestamps or the best times to post on YouTube that stand out in terms of engagement. Sunday is kind of an exception where it is better to upload earlier in the day as most of the users are free. Many channels and researchers suggest uploading videos between 9 am and 11 am on a Sunday. 
  4. It is important to note, however, that there is a difference between uploading and publishing. It takes YouTube some time to process your upload and finally publish it out for the public for viewing. The time taken depends on both the size and the quality of your video. So, it is better to start uploading your video a little earlier than the suggested time. 
  5. Being ahead of the said optimal timing makes more sense in another way. It takes time for YouTube to index newly uploaded videos and start putting them in suggestions and search results. So, uploading a video around 2 hours before the optimal time ensures you get the best results out of YouTube’s algorithms. 
  6. Finding the best time to upload for your channel based on your existing data is way easier to find. All you need is the YouTube Studio application. Inside the application, you can find analytics of your channel that tell you the whole story. The analytics section has a specific bit dedicated to audience data. Here you can find out the time when most of your subscribers are active. The data shows results for every day of the week separately as well to make things even better. 

How To Convert Your Video Viewers Into Subscribers

The next step once you start getting the views is to make these views stay for your future videos as well. To do that, the viewers will have to subscribe to your channel. Failing to turn your viewers into subscribers can turn you into a one video wonder’ sort of which you would want to avoid.

The simplest way you can do so is by encouraging the viewers to stay while also giving them reasons for subscribing. Make sure to have an abundance of content on your channel and maintain a regular uploading schedule. Including reminders to subscribe in the video has shown to be very effective in convincing a viewer into subscribing to a channel. 


YouTube is not an easy business and you will always need to put the effort in. But if you feel like the efforts are not paying off, you can buy youtube views as a sort of a last resort. Doing so guarantees an instant boost in views and also long-term growth.  We have ended by illustrating all the best time to Post on YouTube.


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