Youtube Affiliate Programs

Many people on YouTube with well-performing channels would like to earn some passive income through their content. As far as this is concerned, YouTube affiliate programs are the best bet anyone has today. At the end of 2021, as many as 1.86 billion people were using YouTube. Moreover, the demographics were more varied than ever before- including people from all ages and walks of life.

This has led to a massive increase in the number of affiliate programs run by big associations on YouTube . Programs are being run by Etsy, eBay, and even Amazon among many others. However, first, you will need to-

  1. Have a good amount of subscribers (min 100)
  2. Gain more views on your YouTube videos

Once the basic checklist is met, here are 5 programs for YouTube Affiliate-

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

You might want to recall that we have already mentioned how YouTube has expanded its demographic leading to a wide increase in the type of products and services that may be promoted on it. In this scenario, it would be magical to have an affiliate program that lets you promote all kind of products on Youtube and items the world has ever known. Now, Amazon Associates is just that! Why should you pick amazon associates again?

  • At all given times, at least 350 million products are being sold on Amazon
  • You will get complete freedom of choice to pick the category of products you wish to promote. Since there are unlimited categories on Amazon, you also get unlimited options.

The only catch is that there are many products within the program that come with small commissions. These can be as little as 1-5% unless you pick high-demand products (such as luxury beauty items), then you can earn up to 10% commission. 

eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network - YouTube Affiliate Programs

eBay is also among the oldest and largest online marketplaces the world has ever known. At all times, there are as many as 1.4 billion listed products on sale on the website. Better still, as many as 80% of these items are brand new. Also-

  • eBay also holds merchandise from high-demand labels including Adidas, Nespresso, Philips, and more. For variation, they also host small vendors and individual stores. 
  • People add a high trust value to products listed on the site.

However, there are some downsides as well! For instance- the cookie window is about 24 hours only and the commissions are low only going up to 4%.

Etsy Affiliate Marketing Platform

Etsy is a humungous marketplace. Maybe it does not have the same credibility and standing as Amazon, but it is one of the most used eCommerce marketplaces existent today. Then again, the only question is why you should use this program. To start with

  • It leads the online space when it comes to custom crafting and vintage products
  • There are many audiences who align with the products being listed on Etsy
  • Better still, their cookie duration is 30 days


Shopify - YouTube Affiliate Programs

Okay, if you are looking for affiliate programs that pay out big, then the Shopify affiliate program should be at the top of your list. Shopify is another big name among e-commerce stores and powers as many as 1.7 million retail businesses online. Other features that make it desirable are-

  • It has a global reach with 175 countries under its wing and a total sale worth 200 billion dollars at least.
  • You also get a commission that equals 200% of the advanced, basic, or Shopify subscription fee that can go up to $598 or a total of $2000 enterprise sales.

Of course, though, you will have to deliver corresponding content that drives sales and is worth the commission you get. You can buy YouTube subscribers to hype the sales and earn credibility.


ClickBank - YouTube Affiliate Programs

Not only is ClickBank an affiliate program, but it is also an affiliate network! It was launched early in 1998 and is a highly trusted name in the online marketing world. Every year, this online store can drive sales that generate billions of dollars in revenue. Further still-

  • It is the most trusted platform of digital products and is expanding to sell out physical goods as well.
  • To date, ClickBank has given out as much as $4 billion worth of commission to all its affiliates. 
  • Again, the commission can go as high as 90%


Affiliate programs might be the next best thing that we have in terms of passive income and also, Go through the best social media management tools. The best part about affiliation is that you do not have to be a salesman- just a promoter. You get to create content at will, improve as an artist, AND get good funding to sustain your lifestyle. This is something you should not be missing out on.

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