How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Growing on YouTube might seem like an insurmountable task and when we say there is a way to do it we don’t mean it’s easy. You can keep trying random things hoping something will stick or you can focus your efforts and start looking a bit deeper into the process. Today, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to get subscribers on YouTube fast.

So, if you were wondering how to get YouTube subscribers then this list is for you. We have linked some amazing sources as well that you can check out for a more in-depth look at each of the steps. Anyone wanting to know how to get more YouTube subscribers is at the right place. So, let’s get you started on the path to get more YouTube subscribers.

You Need to Research Your Audience

This is the most important step of all. Research is the key to success on social media platforms. You have to ensure that people are watching your videos but you cannot keep them coming back to your channel or even get to your channel in the first place if you don’t know who they are.

Of course, you don’t have to personally know them or take them out to dinner but you have to get a specific overview of who is going to watch the kind of content you are looking to upload. So, how do you figure that out? You can start by understanding the niche your channel belongs to. Then check out the other channels in that niche. 

Understand the people that are watching these kinds of videos. When you upload your video YouTube provides you with a variety of stats. Of course, most people will not get thousands of views on their first few videos. But if you keep making videos for a bit you can use the statistics to narrow down on a sort of demographic that is constantly watching the stuff you are putting out. 

Now, once you start getting some ideas on that, start zeroing in on delivering content for that demographic. See, if they keep coming back for more. See, if you are getting new viewers. The idea is to understand your audience and start making content they want to see and enjoy doing. Without research, you have to keep throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks. But if you don’t learn from each throw you will not grow. This is how to increase YouTube subscribers.

Have You Thought About Making Longer Videos

In this era of quick content where it seems that people have an attention deficit, it is kind of counterintuitive to suggest someone make longer videos. But it is true. If you have been doing short videos for a while then try to do long-form content for a bit. Longer videos do tend to do better than shorter videos. Plus, they are often lucrative for creators.

One of the reasons why you see so many creators try and hit the 10 to 13 min mark is because they tend to have much better revenue than shorter ones. But you can go longer than that as well if you want. People who enjoy watching videos in the commentary niche often tend to like watching longer videos. So, you just have to understand your niche and see how long your content should be to attract more people.

Also, now that you have longer videos look at the watch time. Pay attention to what point people start clicking off of your videos. If it’s at the very end then maybe it’s good but if it’s mostly somewhere in the middle then you need to fix your videos to keep the attention of your viewers. 

The YouTube algorithm likes videos that can keep people engaged for a long time. So, if your longer content is engaging you will see more growth and start gaining more viewers and more subscribers on YouTube. So, if you are wondering how to get subscribers on YouTube, you can try making longer videos.

Ask Your Viewers to Subscribe

If you want to know the best way to get the most subscribers on YouTube then you are barking at the wrong tree. There is no single way you get subscribers on YouTube. You try different things. One of the things that you can buy subscribers on YouTube, which has become the most terrific way to gain subscribers. Moreover, Posting your videos regularly is to ask your viewers to like and subscribe like you see all the other YouTubers do.

Giving a call to action can often help improve results. When you have made engaging content and you are ending the video people tend to click off. They don’t care about liking or subscribing unless they care. So, when you remind them that they should like the videos and subscribe to your channel because it keeps you motivated and wanting to make better content for them they might be more willing to subscribe. Of course, this can very easily turn annoying if you keep on doing it and your videos aren’t that good.

So, you have to make good content. There’s no bypassing that. But giving a call to action has been shown to better the results. That’s why when you see an ad or you visit any e-commerce site you see phrases that are urging you to take a call and do something. Just be genuine in your request and make a heartfelt request for them to like and subscribe so that you can keep making more videos for them.

Get Your YouTube Account Verified

There are many things that you do on the YouTube side of things that can work out for you. One of those things is to get your YouTube account verified. Now, getting your YouTube account verified is not as hard as getting a verification badge on Instagram or Twitter. 

It is just a way for you to let YouTube know that your account is a valid one. But what perks do they give you and will you get more YouTube subscribers doing that? Well, the answer to the second part of the question is no, not directly. But once you know the perks then you will know how it can help in gaining more views and subscribers on YouTube. 

When you get your YouTube channel verified you can upload longer videos. This means that your videos do not have to be just 15 minutes long. Longer videos can often help you create different types of content where you can use your creativity and play with ideas in different ways. 

Another perk of having a verified YouTube account is that you can add custom thumbnails. You may think that this is not a big deal but any good YouTuber will tell you that thumbnails are one of the baits that they use to attract more viewers to the video. 

Having control over the thumbnail of your videos is a must if you want to attract more viewers and get more subscribers on YouTube. Besides that, you can also do live streams which can be a great way to engage with your audiences and if need be you can appeal content ID claims.

Interact With Your Audience

Interaction is one of the keys to success on social media platforms. Being an influencer or a social media celebrity is different from being a movie star or a popstar. When we see a famous actor or a famous singer or personality we don’t tend to see them as reachable or someone we can connect with. They are stars who entertain us and are far away from us. But that’s not the case with YouTube. 

YouTubers are celebrities who seem like your buddies that you would want to hang out with. They seem more within reach. So, if you want to grow on YouTube you have to evoke similar feelings in your audience. It is very important that in the starting phase of your YouTube career you take extra care to react to comments, reply to them and often address your audiences in your videos. 

People want to see that you care about them. They want to know if you are the guy they can hang out with. So, when you interact with them regularly they feel more connected to you. This can make people subscribe to your channel and is one of the ways how to increase subscribers on YouTube. 

You can also host contests and giveaways for them and ask them to follow you on other social media platforms. You can ask them for content ideas and ask them to comment on your videos so that you can react or reply to them. This can make the algorithm boost your video.

End Screen Video Promotion

Another good way to get people to view more of your videos is to do an end screen promotion. YouTube has evolved a lot in the last few years. It has added a bunch of features that have helped YouTubers as well as YouTube users. Annotations and end screen promotions are some of the features that you can use to give your audience something more to watch regarding the same topic or something similar. 

This way you can get them hooked on your content. You can insert a couple of videos on the end screen and ask your audience to click on the videos if they want to watch more similar content. So, if someone watches your video for the first time and enjoys it then before clicking off your video they can see that you have more content.

This way you can get people to watch more videos. The more time they spend watching your video the more chances of them hitting the subscribe button. Annotations are similar but they can be inserted in the middle of the video where maybe you reference something from your past content and then you can add it as an annotation that appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

Do this for all your videos. Always end it with gratitude and a call to action and add a few videos that you feel that your audience would love to watch after watching that particular video.

Focus on YouTube Thumbnails

Thumbnails matter. You may think that they are like click baits but they work. One of the best ways how to get subscribers on YouTube fast. Most, if not all, successful YouTubers use catchy thumbnails. This is because it helps catch the attention of people making them want to watch the videos. Thumbnails are visual. 

So, even if you write a catchy title, a good thumbnail is another layer of mental persuasion that makes people want to click on the video. This is why you have to get your YouTube account verified. That way you get to design your thumbnails rather than letting YouTube pick one for you. Now, there are several parts to a thumbnail. In general, like most images, there’s the foreground and there’s background. 

Think about what your video is about and what’s the tone of it. For example, if your videos are generally funny then you can get by with a crazy expression on your face. But if, let’s say the tone is more educational and professional then try not to be goofy on the expression. 

Backgrounds such as shades of gray and black generally work as they make the stuff in the front pop out more. In the foreground, you can use bright colors. It will get the attention of the viewers but it can be annoying if your video is not worth watching. The texts on thumbnails cannot be too long. They have to be short but impactful. It is another chance to attract more people to watch your stuff.

Learn YouTube Optimization

YouTube is a search engine and if you treat it like one then you will be able to rank your videos higher. If you have been thinking about how to get subscribers on YouTube then one of the ways is to make your videos appear on the radar of people and they won’t do that unless you optimize certain things. 

Since YouTube is a search engine, keyword research, and usage matter. You have to find good keywords for your videos. Keywords that your videos can rank for so that when a user searches for a specific keyword your video comes in the search result. 

Many keyword research tools can help you regarding this. You can also research by searching for specific words or phrases on YouTube and see what YouTube auto-suggests. Once you have found the keywords use them directly in your video title.

Add keywords to your video description as well for good results. When you upload the video, name the file with a keyword as well. All this is to tell the algorithm what your video is about and to show it to users who are looking for it. You can also add hashtags to your video metadata.

Try to use multiple tags. Few of them should be specific to the video and niche. Others should be generic to your videos and channel. This way when someone watches your videos YouTube can recommend more of your videos on the side. For example, if you often react to the coolest car stunts then just add that tag to all of the videos.

Learn to Read and Use YouTube Analytics

To get better at your game you have to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and there is no better way to tell that other than hard-cold facts and numbers. One of the best ways to get these is to look at YouTube analytics. YouTube wants to ensure that creators have all the tools necessary to know how well their videos are performing.

You can find a bunch of different stats on there that can be quite useful. For example, there’s analytics called subscribers by videos where you can get an idea about how many subscribers each of your videos is bringing. Now, of course, you might not see many useful results initially but if you have built a backlog of around 20 to 30 videos you might see some trends.

You will find which videos are working best for you. This way you will know how to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube by focusing on videos that are reaching out to more people and bringing you more subscribers. So, focus on familiarizing yourself with YouTube studio and the various metrics involved.

This way you can gauge the performance of your videos and the growth of your channel. For example, impressions mean the number of times YouTube showed your video thumbnail to users while impression click-through rate means the number of times people clicked on the Thumbnail to watch your video.

Figure Out an Upload Schedule

Now, there are two types of YouTubers on a broader scale. One who does it as a hobby even though they are successful at it while another does it because it has become their job. If you are the first kind, where you only upload when it feels like but whenever you upload people flock in to see your content then you have little to worry about when it comes to schedule. 

But if you want to make YouTube your job you have to create a schedule and stick to it. All the successful YouTubers who have made YouTube their career upload almost daily. So, you have to figure out an upload schedule and keep bringing in more content for your viewers. 

The more frequent and regular you are the more your viewers will appreciate it. Also, it has been seen that people who upload consistently and frequently are more likely to get YouTube subscribers quickly. 

Of course, the quality of your content matters the most which is why you have to create a schedule and figure out a workflow that enables you to keep thinking of new content, shooting it, editing it and then publishing it for your audience to view. 

Give yourself some break once in a while but you have to go at it like you want it for quite some time before you start seeing some good results. All the top YouTubers had to go through and if you want to know how to get more subscribers on YouTube then this is one of the ways.


So, these were some of the best tips and tricks on how to get more subscribers on YouTube. The best advice that one can give in this field is patience and consistency. This is a marathon not a sprint. You have to conserve your energy and keep performing for the longest.

But don’t worry about it. All the successful YouTubers had to start at some point. A lot of them started this year or the last year and have gained a considerable following. So, there’s still a huge window of opportunity. People still want to watch more content.

If you can bring it to them then you will get more subscribers on YouTube. We hope our list helped you out and gave you some ideas on how to increase subscribers on YouTube. We wish you all the best!

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