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10 Best YouTube Logo Maker Sites & Apps (2023)

Social media has undoubtedly become a large part of our lives and YouTube is one of the most competitive platforms. Both individuals and businesses need to find ways to stay relevant and bring in an audience. You cannot expect to become a fan favorite in one day and need to keep your social media campaigns ready. After all, social media is dynamic and a wrong step can send you into a hellhole of bad social media engagement. Most social media experts suggest focusing on branding before building campaigns to reach more and more people. If you’ve read through different articles, you know that your YouTube logo can help you create an identity for yourself. But, how do you do so without investing much time and effort? Well, we took the burden off your shoulders and found the best YouTube Logo Maker sites that you can use.

Best YouTube Logo Maker Sites:


Logo - YouTube Logo Maker

Logo is the most popular YouTube logo maker site in the industry as it helps create YouTube logos quite effortlessly. Their site uses AI and machine learning to help businesses reach their goals without much effort. Choose from their range of templates, styles, and fonts to build the best possible brand logo. The best part about the site is that you can create an enticing logo in six simple, easy steps.

Moreover, you can edit and customize the available recommendations to fit your needs. Another advantage of Logo’s site is that they allow creators and businesses to visualize the created image on apps, merch, and much more! So, you know exactly what you’re creating and the brand image conveyed by the same.


Adobe - youtube logo maker

Adobe is one of the best YouTube logo-maker sites used by professionals and graphic designers. It is the most popular, free YouTube logo maker that helps one create a custom logo for their channel within minutes. After all, Adobe’s library of free templates provides one with a huge range of flexibility.

Adobe Express is known for the ease it offers to create striking logos that help you grasp your audience’s attention. We can guarantee that Adobe Express will help you create a logo that will help your audience recognize your brand instantly.


Canva - youtube logo maker

Another popular YouTube logo maker, Canva is one of the easiest tools available on the internet. Mostly known for its wide collection of free and premium elements, Canva helps creators and brands create logos without splurging or spending much time. Moreover, Canva allows users to fully customize their logos and easily import them in a range of formats.

If you do not find what you like in their library of hundreds of templates, you can upload your own images and use them freely. Even if you hire a logo designer for YouTube, high chances are that they’ll develop your logo on Canva itself.

Place It by Envato

Place It by Envato - youtube logo maker

Do you want to create YouTube logos within a few clicks without investing much time and effort? Well, Place It by Envato is the perfect choice for YouTube creators and brands like you! Place It’s online logo maker offers a range of templates and visuals that you can use to create visually attractive logos.

Pick a style that you like and customize it to suit your needs to get a fresh logo for your channel. Then, you can download the created image in two formats without any charges. Hence, Place It by Envato is a free but basic YouTube logo maker that helps brands and creators fulfil their needs without much hassle.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the best automated YouTube logo maker available in the industry for both creators and businesses. The site uses the latest technologies like AI to ensure users get what they need without much hassle. The brand also focuses on helping businesses save on costs and time by creating similar services.

A huge advantage of Tailor Brands’ logo maker is that it is quite accessible and can be used by everyone! Moreover, Tailor Brands also has a detailed guide to help brands understand their audience before creating a logo.

Brand Crowd

Brand Crowd

Brand Crowd offers a free YouTube logo maker that comes with a library of several supported templates. The software allows users to create visuals and designs as per their needs without having to break the bank. Another great advantage is that Brand Crowd’s logo maker allows one to add taglines that help grasp the audience’s attention.

You can download your finished logo from the site in several different formats. Moreover, the site offers you a copy of your logo with a transparent background when you download it, even if you’ve saved it with a solid background. Hence, Brand Crowd offers a free, accessible YouTube logo maker that one can use without any confusion or mishaps.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

As the name suggests, Free Logo Design is a free, popular logo designer for YouTube. Just like the other sites discussed, the site allows people to easily create logos within a few clicks. The site’s focus is to help businesses and creators alleviate their YouTube channel without spending much money. Moreover, the site does not require one to have any previous or technical knowledge, making logo creation accessible to all.

Render Forest

Render Forest

If you’re focused on branding your YouTube channel and are looking for a YouTube logo maker that can take your brand identity to the next level, you’re at the right place! Render Forest is an advanced logo maker for YouTube that doesn’t require you to have design skills.

All you need to do is research the different templates and styles available to choose the most appropriate one. Render Forest’s software does the rest of the work and takes the burden off your shoulders to deliver a polished, professional-looking logo.

My Brand New Logo

My Brand New Logo

Did you know that you can create YouTube logos in three simple steps? Well, My Brand New Logo is a YouTube logo maker that offers premium services at an affordable price. If you’re new to the industry, their basic package (priced at €7.50) is the best option.

However, if you need to download several high-resolution files, we recommend going for their professional package (€15). A point of concern is that these packages offer only inspirational pictures. But, you can also hire a professional logo designer from the company for just €57.50.



Wix offers a YouTube logo maker under its category of free business tools to help brands and creators build an identity. The site lists several pictures and designs created by other YouTubers that you can draw inspiration from.

Moreover, the site offers you the flexibility and ease to create an advanced, new logo for your channel. If you don’t know how to create YouTube logos. You can read Wix’s tips listed on the site and build one from scratch.


We’ve already checked out the best logo maker for YouTube and some other sites. We hope you’ve shortlisted the best one for you to create logos and establish your brand identity. If you’re a beginner, you might have several questions about the best logo designer for YouTube. So, we decided to take up the most commonly asked questions and answer them in the section below!

How to make a YouTube Logo?

To take your YouTube channel to the next level, you need to create a polished brand identity. A professional-looking, relevant logo can help your audience associate you with a visual. For example, several creators start businesses after a few years and having a fan base that is already aware of the logo helps a lot.

It is a great way to ensure you stay etched on your audience’s mind. But, the biggest question is how do you create YouTube logos? Well, we have listed the best YouTube logo maker sites, but let’s look at a step-by-step breakdown:-

  • Choose the most appropriate logo designer for YouTube from the article above
  • Enter your business name and slogan for relevant recommendations
  • YouTube logo style varies from industry to industry making it necessary to enter your business’ relevant one
  • Choose the color scheme that you feel is appropriate and memorable
  • You need to select a font out of several available choices for the proper reflection and flair
  • Decide whether you want your logo to have icons and add relevant keywords for the best possible recommendations
  • Choose the design you like the most out of all the suggestions by the YouTube logo maker and make further edits (if needed)
  • Pay for the logo to remove the watermarks and use it freely without running into issues

What software do YouTubers use to create YouTube logos?

There are different YouTube logo maker sites and technologies that one can use to create a logo. Most people look for sites that have a range of different templates and styles to build a logo that suits their needs.

You can also find a good, free YouTube logo maker, but these might not have all the features you need. We have listed the best logo maker for YouTube sites in the article to help you out! These sites and software provide all the necessary features needed to build a professional logo.

Do YouTubers copyright their logos?

As we discussed, branding is important and helps one reach their target audience. Most YouTubers copyright their content but forget one very important step, i.e. copyrighting their logo. Your logo is an essential part of your channel and most essentially, your future brand.

If you don’t copyright your logo, others will be free to use the same causing confusion among the masses. Experts recommend YouTubers copyright their logos to confirm their legal ownership and stop others from misusing the same.

What should I avoid when using a logo designer for YouTube logo?

Most YouTube logo makers offer a range of styles, fonts, and templates to choose from. The first and foremost point is to ensure you don’t get puzzled and pick ones that do not match your brand identity. You need to be extremely careful when you create YouTube logos. Some other points you should keep in mind when using a logo designer for YouTube are:-

  • Never start creating the logo without brainstorming and setting goals/expectations
  • Make a detailed document listing all the common terminologies followed by the team and listing the different styles, fonts, and themes chosen
  • Thoroughly research how to communicate with your audience through visuals and try channelling your brand’s essence into the logo
  • Create your logo in black and white before using the color scheme planned to understand whether the logo is strong enough or not
  • Use simple, representative, and unique typography to ensure it captures the audience’s attention


You cannot proceed to create social media growth strategies and brand campaigns without establishing an identity. And, it is impossible to do so when you do not have a logo that your audience can associate you with! Most experts recommend YouTubers hire experts to create YouTube logos before launching their channels. However, one might not have the budget to spare, which is why these YouTube logo-maker sites are important.

Moreover, in this age of technology, these tools have become quite advanced and help people reach their goals in no time. Our article lists the top sites used by the best logo designer for YouTube creators and brands. Let us know which one is your favorite and write about your experience to help out fellow YouTubers. We hope the article helped you choose the best tool to help you create YouTube logos for your channel without much time and effort.

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