Best Female YouTubers

YouTube is a huge social media platform of this generation. There are many apps that most of the world uses daily. YouTube is one of these apps. Moreover, YouTube is also the epitome of a lot of the content that most other social media apps put out. YouTube is a great app if you wish to discover new content on the internet. There are people from all over the world posting videos on YouTube every day.

Therefore, there are a large number of options for videos for everyone. YouTube videos have been consistently relevant ever since the app came into existence. No matter how many trends change, YouTube always remains Important. YouTube has done an amazing job at keeping up with the changing environment in the world of social media.

There are YouTubers of all types on the app. You can find many small YouTube channels that grew instantly over just a few months. This shows how powerful YouTube is and how large of an audience it has. Moreover, it is very easy to find your target audience on YouTube as it caters to all types of people in the world. There are many YouTuber females on the app who have made a significant mark on the platform.

They have worked very hard and have developed an amazing fan following. Most of the female YouTubers ended up achieving success very fast on YouTube due to their high-quality content and understanding of their audience. If you are someone who is looking for the best female YouTubers, keep reading the article. 

Best Girl YouTubers:



SSSniperWolf is a highly popular female YouTuber who has almost 14 million subscribers currently. She makes almost all types of videos on YouTube and therefore, caters to a large audience. However, her videos mainly involve content related to gaming and comedy. Many people love her content and are constantly keeping up with it as well. Moreover, she has also partnered with pubg and promoted it well to her subscribers. 


JennaMarbles - female YouTubers

Jenna marbles is a very popular YouTuber. She started her career in 2010 and has been growing consistently ever since then. Jenna is known as one of the most famous female YouTubers with more than 20 million subscribers. She gets over 1 billion views on most of her videos and has a very high engagement rate. Most of her videos are based on comedy and revolve around that genre.

She has truly made her mark on the platform by coming up with very unique video ideas that most people adore. She is one of the best female comedians on YouTube. One of the most famous videos was called “how to trick people into thinking you’re good looking. This video has got over 5 million views and became viral almost instantly after its release.

Moreover, the video also boosted her channel to success and helped her grow tremendously. She always comes up with highly unique video ideas that are very fun to watch as you don’t see them anywhere else on YouTube.



Yuya is one of the most popular girl YouTubers with over 23 million subscribers. She is a beauty YouTuber who has many people following her and engaging with her. Most of her content is about makeup and fashion which generates lots of views. The beauty community on YouTube is very familiar wither her as she has achieved lots of success in the industry.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy - female YouTubers

Liza Koshy is known as one of the most popular female YouTubers of this generation. She truly made her mark on YouTube by posting some highly entertaining YouTube videos. She was a very dedicated YouTuber who put out content that almost everyone on the channel loved. Liza Koshy caters to a very wide audience by making very creative comedy videos. She has almost 20,000,000 subscribers and all of her videos get tons of views each.

Liza is also a highly familiar face on YouTube that everyone knows about. She has also won lots of awards for her impeccable work including the teen choice awards, steamy awards, and also the kids choice awards. In addition, she was included in Times magazine in the list of the 25 most influential people on the internet.

Her career mainly skyrocketed during 2019 and reached its peak during 2020. She managed to build a highly loyal community and fan following who keeps up with her even today.

Eva Gutowski / MyLifeAsEva

Eva Gutowski

Eva Gutowski is a very renowned YouTuber. She is a very familiar face on the platform and has a huge fan following. Eva managed to grow her channel greatly within just a few years and now has almost 10 million subscribers. She makes funny videos along with other general entertaining videos that most people love.


RCLBeauty101 - female YouTubers

RCL beauty 101 is one of the most famous women YouTubers on the platform. Her videos mainly revolved around DIY and beauty. However, after a few years into her career, she also started to create funny videos which were very well received by the audience. She currently has 15 million subscribers and a total of 4.1 billion views. 

She started her career in 2010 and worked her way up to success. Her videos are highly unique and entertaining to watch as she puts in a lot of hard work for each of them. She reached the peak of her career in 2017 when she used to release skits and other fun comedy videos.

She also later went on to get nominated for various awards like the streamy awards, teen choice awards, people’s choice awards, and shorty awards. All these achievements truly show how successful of a career she had on YouTube.

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling - female YouTubers

Lindsey Stirling is another highly popular female YouTuber. She started her career on YouTube in 2007 and managed to gain lots of success ever since then on the platform. Lindsey is highly popular amongst the younger audience on YouTube and is also quite influential on the same. She has a musical background which she portrays in her YouTube videos. She is very popular for playing the violin and also achieved quite a lot of success in that field.

She’s won many awards for her music and also appeared on America’s Got talent. Her song ‘shatter me’ managed to get second place on the billboard 200 charts in 2014. She now has 11 million subscribers on YouTube and continues to grow every day. She is highly enthusiastic about YouTube videos and works very hard to put out unique and creative content.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh - female YouTubers

Lilly Singh aka superwoman on YouTube is one of the most popular female YouTubers on the platform. She had a highly successful career and built a very large community of fans for herself. Lilly started her career in 2010 by making comedy videos on YouTube. She managed to gather up almost 14,000,000 subscribers on YouTube and also won lots of awards for that. She is now also a famous talk show host on a show called the late late show. 

Lilly’s videos were highly influential due to her community being young people. All of her videos were very well received by the audience and she also ended up making it onto the Forbes list of some of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world.

People applauded her for her hard-working attitude and creativity. All of her videos were highly unique and were something that you wouldn’t find anyone else on YouTube. She also posts vlogs of her daily life on her vlog channel which has almost 2,000,000 subscribers.


Zoella - female YouTubers

Zoella is a very popular YouTuber. She has had a huge impact on the platform and has a very responsive following. Zoella started her career in 2009 and immediately achieved lots of success on the platform. She now has almost 12,000,000 subscribers and has also published a book. She mainly used to make general videos which were entertaining to watch. Moreover, she also spread out into the genre of fashion and beauty which most of her viewers love to watch.

She has a highly successful merchandise line called ‘snugg life’ which achieved lots of success. Moreover, she has had an influential impact on the internet and has also made a highly familiar reputation on the same. She is also quite famous among the general public rather than just her subscribers.

Moreover, she is responsible for starting various internet Memes and trends on YouTube. Out of all the female YouTubers, she has made a mark for herself on the platform and has achieved huge success.


Wengie - female YouTubers

Wengie is another popular female YouTuber who took over the platform for quite some time. She is one of the best YouTubers for women. Wengie is a Chinese American YouTuber with almost 15,000,000 subscribers. She started her career in 2013 and consistently had lots of growth over the years.

Wendie gained the most subscribers on her channel in 2018 due to her DIY videos. She is also quite popular for prank videos and slime videos on YouTube. Moreover, she also expands into the genre of beauty and fashion And has won tons of awards for that.

Many of her videos have almost 1 billion views and lots of engagements. She is also a musician who has released a few songs which were quite well received by her fans. She managed to create a loyal fan following on YouTube and has also become a familiar face on the platform.

Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota - female YouTubers

Bethany Mota is a highly popular and renowned YouTuber on the platform. She gained lots of popularity for her fashion videos in 2014. All of her videos were one of the most popular genres on her channel. Moreover, she also used to get lots of love for her DIY videos and vlogs. She has almost 10,000,000 subscribers and is constantly growing every day. 

Most of her content was made for teenagers and was quite well received by the same. Since she intends to make teenagers a target audience, her presence on YouTube was also quite influential. This is mainly because people were always looking forward to her videos and were actively engaging with them. She is also quite friendly with her subscribers and did lots of things like hosting giveaways and events to acknowledge them.

Resulting from her huge success on YouTube, Bethany Mota also managed to get lots of amazing partnerships with popular fashion brands like Aeropostale and atoms matter. She designed lots of items for these brands and also achieved great success through them.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna pansino is a highly popular female YouTuber. She was one of the most famous bakers on YouTube with more than 13 million subscribers. Rosanna made a huge mark on YouTube with her nerdy nummies series where she would make some highly unique cakes and other desserts.

She also did some fun challenges and made funny videos on her YouTube channel which got her lots of attention. Her videos had lots of views and even people who weren’t into baking used to watch her videos with lots of interest. 

Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings

Miranda sings is a highly popular female YouTuber. She is also part of one of the faces of YouTube and is highly popular on the platform. She made some very unique and creative videos which got the attention of many people on YouTube. Although her target audience was mostly children she also managed to attract people of older ages as well.

All of her videos are based on the genre of comedy and she has mastered making them highly perfect. Miranda sings character has built a trademark of itself on YouTube and is now known by almost everyone. She now has more than 10 million subscribers and is constantly growing every day. 



CaLike is a popular Mexican female YouTuber who launched onto the platform in 2010. She got tons of attention right off the bat and gained many subscribers. Today, with 14 million subscribers she is one of the most popular female YouTubers in the world. She mainly makes videos which revolve around funny and entertaining content. 

Michelle plan

Michelle plan

Michelle plan is a very popular beauty YouTuber. People know her for her simple videos which are highly fun to watch and also very informative. She currently has almost 9 million subscribers which are growing consistently. She posts all types of videos related to beauty like makeup tutorials. Michelle also launched her makeup line called EM cosmetics and ipsy. 


These were the 15 best female YouTubers. We hope that this article could help you discover some amazing female YouTubers to add to your subscriber list. 

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